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August SE30 Bluetooth Speaker Review

august se30
Remember I reviewed the August MS425 a few weeks ago? Well, I was sent it’s new older brother, the bigger, more powerful version to review. Available in black, grey and red, I present to you the August SE30.

August SE30

august se30
The speaker was sent in a small box in bubble wrap and included the same two cables as it’s baby bro – a USB cable so you can charge the battery and an audio jack so you can use it on devices that do not support bluetooth. 
august se30
The top of the speaker has three buttons so you can change the track, pause and alter the volume from the speaker rather than fiddling with unlocking your phone. The volume buttons are the same buttons you use to skip tracks – press the button for the next or previous song once and hold the button to change the volume.
august se30
It’s very easy to connect to – you flick the switch and a blue light appears to indicate it is ‘searching’, then you find the speaker in your device settings and simply connect it. Then play music as usual and it will come out of the speakers.
august se30
august se30
As you can see, it’s a lot bigger than the August MS425 – yet it does not feel much heavier. I actually cannot decide which one is the heaviest, ha. The sound difference is massive though. The August MS425 is perfect for taking on holiday and a good volume to use in your room, the August SE30 simply knocks it out of the water in terms of volume. Full volume would be way to loud for a hotel room! I never imagined something so small and portable could be so loud, I love it!
august se30
I did a sound test so you could hear the difference:
iPhone 5 speakers, full volume:
August SE30, full volume:
The August SE30 is coming on holiday with me for sure, while my MS425 will remain at home in my bathroom where I use it to listen to music while I shower. The sound is amazing, it would be perfect for taking to the beach or camping – anywhere that has lot of background noise that would usually drown out and overpower music from your phone or other portable speakers. 
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