Rimmel 1000 Kisses Lip Tint

I was buying a red snapper fish in Morrisons the other day when I saw some make-up which was reduced. I had a nosey and…

I was buying a red snapper fish in Morrisons the other day when I saw some make-up which was reduced. I had a nosey and selected some pieces. Seeing as my Boots make-up haul went so well, I wanted to share what I bought with you.

Collection BB Secrets : Light

 I’m not a massive fan of foundation, most days I don’t wear anything on my face apart from moisturiser. This is not because I have amazing skin that needs no covering up, but mainly because I am lazy and a little bit because I tend to break out as soon as anything touches my facial face. There are some occasions where I feel the need to make a bit more of an effort. This is where BB cream comes in.

It’s a light coverage and it’s okay. It’s not amazing but makes things look a lil more even. I did take photos to show before and after, but the difference isn’t massive so I thought I would save you the fright of OMGMOARFACEPICS. You’ll just have to trust me, friends.

I am wearing the BB cream in the photos below, but for some reason once I edited the text and the collage with picmonkey and saved it, my skin looked a lot brighter and smoother than in the original photos. So don’t go buying it expecting your skin to turn out like that as it’s not an accurate account of how my skin looks, unfortunately. If it wasn’t for the damn BB cream, I could have left that little disclaimer out and had you all believe my skin is perfect!

Rimmel 1000 Kisses Lip Tint.

I purchased two of these bad boys. The pink colour is 100 Endless Blossom and the orange one is 700 Nothing But Nude.
 They have the look and texture of felt tip pens, which means applying this will make you feel like a child drawing make-up on your face, rather than a mature adult applying make-up. This is good for the drowning child inside me who is desperately trying not to think about my 28th Birthday in July. 

 The second end is a lip balm. These are so easy to use. You colour you lips with the pen and then apply the lip balm to add moisture. 

I really hate the feeling of lipstick or lip gloss on my lips, so this is great for me as it gives me a bit of a tint, it’s not too over baring and you don’t need to worry about it smudging or needing to reapply. I’m basically ready to condemn all other lipsticks and just use these.


 Collection: Work The Colour, 3 Smoke Screen

The final thing I bought was this plaette by Collection. I was intrigued by the cream and as I don’t have any silver eyeshadow, I thought I’d give this a go. 

As you can see from the swatches, it’s not very pigmented on my hand. But when I applyed the shadow to my eyes it came out a lot darker. 

I have old lady hands, beware.

 The pink cream is supposed to be used as a base and/or as a highlighter above the lid. I used it above the lid as the little picture on the back of the palette.

I really liked the cream, I felt it made my eyes look a lot brighter. The shadow itself was pretty decent. It wasn’t amazing but wasn’t horrible either and blended pretty well. 

Have you tried any of these products? Which one would you like to try the most?

You were all so lovely in yesterdays post about the comments on my weight gain. Just a few things I didn’t explain properly – it was a guy, not a girl who said it, and it wasn’t my manager. We’re both managers on the same work levels, just in charge of different departments. 
I’ll be getting back to you all and replying to all your comments, I’m currently very behind and still replying to comments from February! I need to get my self caught up but it may take a while as I like to visit everyone who has left a comment/URL. In the mean time, you can always tweet or e-mail me if you want a faster reply! 
Oh, and if any of you know of any good lip tints, can you let me know?
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  1. Those lip tints look really cool! I’m always looking for new lip products to try that stay on!

  2. The Rimmel lip tints look brilliant, like you I don’t really like the feeling of lip stick but these could change all that Lucy x

  3. I am totally loyal to my BB cream since I discovered it a year ago, and I only use moisturiser for special occasions. As for the gloss, I hate it too. I don´t like at all that feeling on my lips. I think you look very beautiful with your lip stick and the eye shadows. Very nice palette. Kisses:)

  4. you look great with that make up! love the eye color palette!
    very nice blog by the way 🙂

    kisses from Russia,

  5. Lovely finds! I really appreciate the #FOTD previews! ;D

    <3 Carsla
    Founder & CEO of Connect-the-Cloths

  6. Nice review, I use BB cream in the summer, I wish i didn’t feel like I had to but my uneven skin tones and red spots means I feel it is necessary to prevent me scaring small children.

    Lovely haul! 🙂

    Georgie xx

    Life in Loafers

  7. Wow these look like great lippy products, love the fact its tint on one side and balm the other, like a perfect products 🙂 thanks for the post hun xAnna-Maria |

  8. I often go makeup shopping with my good friend who is obsessed with trying out new products, but i’ve never seen these before! Maybe i’m too into my own world when out and about mingling amongst the powders!

  9. You know Corinne, Im a big make up junke, would be curious to try the BB cream and the palette. Ive used the Rimmel lip stains (I had a fuchsia and a natural color) and they were really great! Id love to try the pink one. At the moment Im using the lip tints from NYC. They are very cheap (I got one in berry and another in hot pink) but are as well as the Rimmel ones, though they havent the lip balms, but isnt a problem at all, just keep one in the bag if u need to moisturize. Kisses and happy weekend! xo

  10. Hey Corianne, I love these shades on you! I believe you did well. Also I see that you are an E-tail PR blogger member. I am debating on applying for this membership but wanted to do more research, get real bloggers opinions. Is it worth it? Is it a hassle? do you have to buy into it? When you get the time I would appreciate your thoughts. My e-mail is Rachel.garay@me.com or just comment on my blog. Have a great weekend! Rachel xo

  11. Hi Corinne, your skin looks pretty flawless in these photos, maybe the BB cream did do its thing? Love the lip hues, so cute, I have to try it! It was great reading your comment…wishing you a wonderful and warm weekend!

  12. It’s too bad you hate the feeling of lip gloss on your lips. Not only does that reduce the number of lipsticks you feel comfortable wearing, but it might deprive you of some of the kind of fun I used to have while out and about on Halloweens in full drag. I used to love kissing women on the cheek trying to leave perfect lip prints. This called for constant reapplication of the lipsticks naturally. Being a vegetarian I’ve been looking at vegan cruelty free lipsticks from O.C.C., e.l.f., Sephora, Urban Decay and Concrete Minerals.
    Your makeup looks lovely and so does your face. So sorry about the feeling of a drowning child inside you desperately trying not to think about your 28th Birthday in July. If it’s any consolation (and I doubt that it is) I’m easily old enough to be your grandfather if not your great grandfather (okay, great grandfather might be a bit of a stretch). Anyway, enjoy your youth while you have it (yeah, like that’ll make you feel better). Anyway, you look pretty.


  13. Really good review!!! Lookely make-up as well. I must try the Rimmel London lip paint.. Great blog BTW.


  14. I’m a fan of BB creams too. I don’t wear foundation, but when I want something it’s either my BB cream or a tinted moisturiser. x

  15. I haven’t tried that particular brand of BB Cream. Another brand and it was good. Just enough coverage to even out tone without feeling like makeup. Love the eye shadows. Thanks for sharing at My favorite Things party! Theresa @DearCreatives

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