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8 Ways to Feel Better Every Day

AD| Is anyone else like me and always looking for ways to feel better? I feel like I’ve spent way too much of my life…


AD| Is anyone else like me and always looking for ways to feel better? I feel like I’ve spent way too much of my life feeling a bit rubbish. It’s mostly tiredness, for me. Before having a baby, I spent years doing shift work and that in itself is tiring due to the lack of routine. Finishing work at 10 pm one night and back in at 7 am the next is grim.

You compensate with too much caffeine, you’re cold and hungry so eat rubbish to feel better and by the time you get home, you’re too tired to sleep and feel a bit erratic.

That’s just one example of how we can feel a bit pants on a daily basis. I’m sure you can relate! Looking after yourself properly can take a back seat when we’re busy adults. Who has time to sleep 8 hours, exercise an hour before work, do 10k steps, cook from scratch, eat your 5-a-day, read books on self-improvement, keep your home clean, do a full skincare routine, have a social life, work, spend time with family and god knows what else we are expected to do?

Not me.

But there are times when we do need to just take a step back and focus on ourselves. We have to check in with how we are feeling and see what realistic adjustments we can make to help us feel better every day.

Here are some ideas!

8 Ways to Feel Better Every Day

Recognise when you are burnt out

I’m irritable, I can’t focus, I feel upset for silly reasons and my brain is going 100 miles an hour. That’s how I can tell I am burning out. It’s not always to do with lack of sleep, I could be feeling pressure from other areas in my life or feeling overwhelmed.

Mostly, my burnout comes from being overwhelmed with work, I end up not being very productive and staring at a blank screen. When I get this way, the best thing for me to do is write a list of things that I need to do, then take an evening off work and just do whatever I want to.

The list part is so important as it means I can try and relax without thinking about everything I need to do on repeat so I don’t forget! It makes me feel more in control of my workload so I can take that time away then come back to it later.

Eat well

I cannot stress how much this helps me! I can easily get stuck in the trap of toast for breakfast, a cheese toastie for dinner and something quick and easy for tea. This is fine sometimes, but when it gets a habit, it’s a problem. I am the type of person that needs to eat fruit and vegetables. It makes me feel so much better. Just a day of eating well really helps my mood!

Eating junk food does the opposite, it makes me feel sluggish and lazy. I often just need a few days to reset and be really intentional with my food choices to get back on track.

Take an allergy test

Does anyone else think they’re allergic to something not sure what? I’m confident that I have a food intolerance, but I can’t work out exactly what it is. But somedays I have IBS symptoms and I’ve tried to eliminate various foods from my diet to sort it but I can’t quite put my finger on what it is.

Taking a home allergy test could really help me figure this out and manage it better. My symptoms are mild but are quite annoying and I’d love to just know if there is something I am allergic to so I can just avoid it! I think it’s something to do with kidney beans and lentils.

There are so many benefits of taking an allergy test. It’s not just about food allergies either, they can tell if you are allergic to pets, pollen and a handful of other things.

So invest a bit of money into a home allergy test and see what things you need to avoid to feel better about yourself.


Getting my heart pumping is a great way to get me feeling great. I don’t always enjoy exercise while I’m doing it, but I always feel amazing after!

I need to get up and get it done as early as possible, then I feel amazing all day!

Make time for your hobbies

My biggest hobby is playing the piano. It’s something that I don’t have a lot of time for these days and I often feel bad about it. I probably get about one practice session a week. Before I had a baby, I was practising for around 2 hours a day.

Playing the piano just brings me joy. Being able to switch off for 30 minutes and do something I love is the best feeling and it’s a great way to relax me. In an ideal world, I’d be able to spend some time at the piano every day. But Sadly, this is impossible with a baby to look after!


I’ve just had a declutter of my bedroom and I’ve thrown things that I do no longer need. Most of it was things like old, expired makeup or beauty products. A few tatty clothes that don’t fit and some that can be given to charity. I just needed to free up some space so I can put everything away.

I feel so much better already, even though I’ve still got a few things left to tackle.

Tidy up before you go to bed

Imagine how you would feel waking up in a tidy bedroom, then going down to your clean kitchen to make coffee vs waking up to clothes all over the bedroom floor and dirty pots surrounding the kettle.

Have a quick tidy up before you go to bed so when you wake up, you can relax into your morning rather than being reminded of housework you need to do.

Know your goals

We need goals to keep ourselves working forwards things. It’s just part of being human. You achieve something then you want to challenge yourself again.

Your goals can be anything you want. It can be related to work, fitness, or even a type of bucket list of activities you want to do.

Keep focusing on your goals and how you are going to get there to make sure you’re making the most out of your life.

What things make you feel better every day?


  1. Great post! I think recognising when you’re burnt out is really important. It’s taken some time to notice the signs.
    One of my favourite things to do is spemd 10 minutes every evening tidying up (is that sad?) and then just looking around and enjoying the tranquility. It also means waking up to calmness rather than chaos.

  2. I totally relate to feeling rubbish.

    With a little one around, there isn’t much time for sleep or anything else! I’m always tidying up, but make a point of doing it before bed so I can have a fresh outlook in the morning.

  3. Amazing post. Noticing burn out is something that took me a while to recognise and acknowledge but now i’ve gotten much better at it! Some great tips here x

  4. Knowing what I was allergic to helped change my life for the better! Now I know exactly which foods to avoid and it helps me manage my chronic gastrointestinal illness better as well. I couldn’t recommend it enough. So glad you shared this and along with all the other tips too!

  5. You are so right with all of these points. I feel better when I tidy up in the mornings so that I can look around and not see mess. I was of you a lot better if I start my morning is by doing something for myself. Like blogging or reading, instead of work. I’m starting to take small steps to make changes in my routine and incorporate these things but it’s a work in progress.

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