Is Numbrs Payday legit or a scam?

Numbrs Payday seems too good to be true. I was always thought that when something seems too good to be true, then it probably is….


Numbrs Payday seems too good to be true. I was always thought that when something seems too good to be true, then it probably is.

This is why when I first heard about Numbrs Payday, I thought it was a scam. The only thing that made me think it wasn’t a scam is that a money blogger who I really trust did it. And she won a massive €1000!

That’s when I decided to give it ago, but I wanted to look into the app a bit first to find out what the deal was.

Is Numbrs Payday a scam?

No, it’s not! It is completely legit. I have won three times in three weeks. The first time I won €10, then €60 and then €100. The money is in my account. I know others that have won also.

Payday Numbrs is actually a referral scheme. It’s part of their marketing strategy and it works really well if you ask me!

Why spend money on paid ads when you can get people to recommend their friends and family for you? I’ve told loads of my friends about Numbrs and got some of them to sign up. Why? Because I want another ticket for the Numbrs Payday raffle. In return, Numbrs is getting its name out there through Word Of Mouth marketing, which is the best type of marketing you can get!

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How does Numbrs Payday Work?

When you sign up to Numbrs Payday and connect one of your accounts using a referral link, then you will earn a ticket into the Numbrs Payday raffle.

When signing up, you will be able to select their one or two-week free trial. As soon as you sign up, you can cancel the subscription in the App Store so the app will automatically renew. Cancelling your free trial immediately does not cancel your ticket – your ticket is still valid even if your subscription has been cancelled or ended. I know this because I asked in the live chat after a friend was unsure.

You will also get a referral link to give the chance to earn more tickets. Once a friend has signed up for the free trial and added an account, you will both get a ticket for the Payday raffle.

The more tickets you have, the bigger the chance you have of winning one of the €50k of prizes they have. Here’s the Numbrs Payday prize breakdown:

€ to £ Prize Conversion (amounts may vary – its just the exchange rate at the time of this post)
€10k = £8,602.50
€3k = £2580.75
€2k = £1720.50
€1k = £860.25
€500 = 430.13
€200 = £172.05
€100 = £86.02
€60 = £45.01
€40 = £34.41
€20 = £17.20
€10 = £8.60

Because Numbrs is a Swiss company based in Zurich, the prizes are paid out in Euros.

When is the Numbrs Payday draw?

The draw takes place each Friday and the winners are published between midday and 1 pm usually.

You will get an email if you win. It will also say in the app ‘you have won’ and the money will be added to the ‘Winnings’ section of the Numbrs app (see the image).

If you click into the ‘results’, your referral code will be highlighted next to the amount you’ve won.

Due to EU money laundering regulations, you must add a payout account and an address to ensure you get paid.

You add your address in the Numbrs app by tapping on Profile> Settings> User account> Personal details.

When do I get paid?

The first two times, I was paid on Saturday in less than 24 hours. The third time I won, I was paid on the following Tuesday.

What is Numbrs?

So the Numbrs app is an electronic wallet that keeps all your bank accounts, loyalty cards and cryptocurrency in one place. This gives you a good overview of your finances. You can view payments and incomings, ensure you don’t miss out on any loyalty points and monitor your cryptocurrency. It is a one-stop destination for your services.

You can also use it to check insights to monitor your spending, track daily spending and set savings goals.

Is Numbrs secure?

This is probably the answer you want to know – is the Numbrs app secure?

And you are correct to be hesitant to any application that asks to connect to your Internet banking.  I was too.

But rest assured, the Numbrs app uses Open Banking to access your information (which is the same as the majority of other finance-based apps). The app is safe, secure and compliant with all EU GDPR guidelines.

You can also add your Monzo account instead of your current account if that makes you feel a bit better!

How do I sign up to Numbrs and get my free ticket to the Payday raffle?

All you need to do to sign up is follow this link to create your own account, add a bank account and then you will get a ticket into a draw. You will also get your own referral link so you can recruit friends and get a ticket for future draws!

So what are you waiting for? Signup for Numbrs Payday and get your free ticket today!

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