My postpartum weight loss journey! Time to get rid of my baby weight

It’s now 12 weeks since I gave birth and time to start my postpartum weight loss journey. During pregnancy, I gained three and a half…


It’s now 12 weeks since I gave birth and time to start my postpartum weight loss journey. During pregnancy, I gained three and a half stone. That’s 50lbs! I have now lost 1st 8lbs of that naturally. I am breastfeeding which means I should lose weight easily as it burns an extra 500 calories a day, but the problem is it also makes me hungry so I’ve been eating more.

As well as gaining all those pounds, I’ve also gained a sweet tooth. I never used to be that bothered about chocolate but I keep buying big chocolate bars from the shop and eating them in two days.

My meals aren’t really that bad, it’s just the food in between that I need to cut out. Just today I’ve been to the cupboard about 3 times to have a spoon of Nutella. It’s a real problem. help.

postpartum weightloss


So my plan really is to try and cut down my snacks between meals. We do eat a lot of vegetables already and although it could be better, I’m aiming for a slow weight loss so am not going to make too many adjustments and see if I can lose around 1lb a week.

If this doesn’t work, I’ll start using myfitnesspal again to track calories. I really want to avoid that at the moment because 1) WHO HAS THE TIME and 2) obsessive.

I’ll be using Instagram to motivate me and share my meals on my stories. I’ve also bought some low calorie frozen ready meals to eat during the day as they’re easy to make when I’ve got the baby and I love how you know exactly how many calories are in them! I like the ones from Tesco, I’ve got Thai green curry and cottage pie fro Tesco.

postpartum weight loss journey

Exercise after giving birth.

Exercise has been a struggle for me. Because my partner works I can only really get to the gym on the weekend. I was working out about 5 or 6 times before pregnancy (and sometimes during) and I am an all or nothing type of person (like I said, obsessive), so because I can’t really go often enough to make myself feel good enough (lol) – and even on a weekend I have to plan it around my partner looking after Leo and Leo’s feeds/him not being grumpy. It’s just really difficult! Excuses excuses.

I am going to get to the gym on a weekend though and now the weather is nice I am also going to go for more walks. If I can get out once a day when it’s not raining, that’s a win!

So here is what I currently look like – and YES I LOOK ROUGH AS FUCK. JESUS CHRIST ON A BIKE pregnancy has done nothing for me aesthetically. Look at those bags, it’s like I’ve not had a good nights sleep in months. Oh, wait, this is true.

I’ve been taking Leo swimming thanks to Halocline sending me some things to review in my size! Dare2b also sent me some things to review.

I need to get better at wearing my waist trainer, too. A good waist trainer for women can help your body come back together quickly. They can offer light compression to help your uterus shrink and help reduce the loose skin you are left with.

postpartum weightloss

This is what I looked like before pregnancy and what I’d like to look like again by my wedding in April 2022.

So that’s my plan. Wish me luck!


  1. Your approach and plan of cutting out snacks sounds sensible. It is normal to have sweet cravings when you’re sleeping only a few hours looking after the baby and everything. Once he is bigger, it will be easier to organize things. Lack of sleep always increases people’s appetite because the body tries to make up for the loss of energy that way.

  2. Good Luck! You are one of the most motivated people I know (well on blog world!) and I know you will suceed but don’t be too mean to yourself. However, I hope you succeed in your goals and well done for trying as I know it is for you not for anyone else!

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