What’s in my hospital bag // Baby Edition

Ahh, I’ve done it! I’ve gone and packed my hospital bag for the baby. Here’s what I’ve got: nappies water wipes nappy cream cotton pads…


Ahh, I’ve done it! I’ve gone and packed my hospital bag for the baby.

baby hospital bag what to take

Here’s what I’ve got:

  • nappies
  • water wipes
  • nappy cream
  • cotton pads (gifted from organyc)
  • a baby brush/comb
  • baby nail clippers
  • baby ready to drink milk
  • 1 muslin cloth
  • 1 bib
  • 3 outfits for in the hospital
  • 1 coming home outfit
  • a blanket for the hospital
  • knitted giraffe
  • car seat
  • coming home blanket

*edit* I later removed the ready to drink milk. After researching into breastfeeding I realised I didn’t need it!

baby hospital bag what's inside

Hospital Bag for Baby

I’ve heard that they prefer you to use cotton to clean the baby in the hospital, some hospitals are okay with water wipes – so I’ve brought both and also a full packet of nappies. I’ve packed some barrier nappy cream but I don’t think I’ll need to use it but it’s better to be on the safe side! I’m a bit nervous about nappy changing as I’ve never done it before and that first poo is meant to be hard work!

I’ve got the comb and brush increase he arrives with lots of hair, he had a fair bit of hair on the scan we had at 33 weeks. I also was born with a head full of jet black hair. I also packed nail clippers as some babies can have long nails when they are born. That will be Dad’s job though as I’ll be too afraid to cut his nails, ha. It’s like with the cat, I hold her and my partner clips her claws!

The ready to drink milk is just a precaution. I’m hoping I am able to give colostrum and breastfeed but if that doesn’t happen – it’s just there in case I need it. It’s the starter pack of 6 bottles with sterile teets. I’m really hoping I can pass this box on to someone else rather than use it myself but I know some women just really hate it and it can make them unable to bond with the baby or bring on postnatal depression. This does run in our family so again, I am just being prepared.

For clothes, I’ve separated them into outfits into ziplock bags and wrote on them so my partner can quickly grab them out of the bag. I just got some ziplock bags from Tesco. Each outfit has a vest, a sleepsuit with fold-over mittens and feet in and a hat. The coming home outfit has mittens, socks and a thicker hat. But I may just bring him home in whatever sleepsuit he is wearing at the time rather than changing him before, it really depends on how I am feeling. I have both newborn and up to 1 month. If he is bigger than that then my partner will just have to come home and get me more. We are very close to the hospital.

I wasn’t sure how many vest vests and sleepsuits to take to the hospital. I’ve just gone with four vests, three sleepsuits and one outfit.

We have a toy giraffe that my partners mum knitted and a blanket that my mum knitted, I thought it would be nice to have some of his photos with things in them made by both grandmothers!

Then we have the car seat and the blanket that was knitted by my great grandmother for my mum. My mum brought me and my three brothers home in that blanket and I wanted to do the same and hopefully, I can pass it on to my baby to carry on the tradition! <3

I am also considering having a carrier bag in the car with some extra vests, sleepsuits, nappies and wipes in just in case I do have to stay longer, then my partner can just grab it. I’m hoping what we have would last 2-3 days and we won’t be in longer than that!

Has anyone got any other ideas of things that might be useful?!

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  1. You’re very organized — I’m sure that takes some planning but I bet it helps ease your mind to know that you’re ready!

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