My favourite Disney rides

It’s been almost 5 years since I went to Disney World Florida and 4 years since I last went to Disneyland Paris. Florida was my favourite holiday and I had such a sad feeling for weeks after. It seemed like a long two weeks but was over so quickly at the same time.

These types of holidays are exhausting. Up early, walking around all day and by the evening, you are exhausted. Some days I walked 25k steps! Worth it though!

Anyway, here are my favourite Disney rides.

My favourite Disney rides

Tower of Terror

I bottled it in Florida and didn’t go on this, but was braver the year later and went on it. It was amazing! If you’ve never been on it before, you go in what looks like a cinema, it’s a big lift and it rises you to the top, a door opens so you can see a view of the whole park from the top, then it drops you. It gives you such a weird feeling in your belly. It’s terrifying!

Test Track.

This is in Epcot, Florida. Your build a car on a computer and then take it for a test ride. You are on a track that goes up to 60mph so quick you feel like your head is going to fall off. It’s a fun ride with great buildup!

RC Racer

RC Racer is in Disneyland Paris – it’s the RC car from Toy Story on a race track that half-pipes, the motion of it is similar to a pirate ship ride, where it shuttles you right up to one side then back to the other. We waited for ages for it, but it was worth it!

Big Thunder Mountain Rail Road.

In Magic Kingdom, a medium sized roller coaster perfect for wimps like me! It goes fast but doesn’t go upside down, phone. This means you can ride around it with your hands in the air having a great time, rather than crapping yourself!

Splash Mountain.

I have always loved water rides and this didn’t disappoint. Splash Mountain is themed on the Songs of the South and you go through caves to start with, with models of singing animals and such. It’s a bit creepy! There is the usual drop at the end into the water, it’s not too high but does give you tummy tickles!

What’s your favourite ride?

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