I’ve found the key to enjoying Instagram and I love it!

I've found the key to enjoying Instagram and I love it!

How many posts have I written now bitching about Instagram? My love and hate relationship with the social media platform just doesn’t seem to get any more consistent. Until now.

A few years ago, I used Instagram for fitness. Around 2015-2016 my Instagram was all about the workout and food photos. I really enjoyed it! Then I kind of got a bit lost with Instagram. I wasn’t working out as much and was posting randomly. I went a talk about Instagram and tried hard to theme my account, but nothing really fit.

I've found the key to enjoying Instagram and I love it!

I had an idea of how I wanted my account to look, but it didn’t really fit me and I felt restricted.

I tried to do this whole lifestyle thing with beautiful photos of York along with some food. But when I posted anything fitness it just didn’t go. It just kept creeping back to the same thing – fitness fitness fitness.

But then that was annoying me to because there are only so many times you can stand in front of a mirror in your workout clothes and take photos.

There was something that I really wanted to do but it made me a bit nervous.

What I really wanted to do was video myself doing some exercises and post them on Instagram.

I loved seeing other people posts their workouts and lifts. It was inspiring to me and I loved how you could see their progress.

It wasn’t sure about doing it though because:

  • The whole process of putting my phone in a place where I could record myself without other people seeing me didn’t seem possible or comfortable.
  • I’ve taken a few videos of myself before and I always hate how I look. I look bigger on the videos than I do in my head. I look more awkward and my chin is really stupid.

These things were conflicting with how I wanted my Instagram to be. So I did something big.

I decided to get over myself.

I started recording videos. At first, I only did it when the gym was quiet and it was hard for people to tell.

To start with, I wasn’t happy with how the videos looked.

It didn’t feel comfortable AT ALL. But over time I started to get used to how I looked on camera. I also started seeing the things I was doing wrong in my workout and was able to correct it.

It got easier to film in the gym. I just didn’t really care if people saw me anymore.

I stopped worrying if you could see my fat rolls when I squatted and focusing on how deep I could get. I used it to motivate me to work hard so I could see the difference.

It worked.

I’m now so motivated to work out, to improve and to post comparison videos. I’ve unfollowed some accounts and replaced them with accounts of strong women that inspire me. Powerlifters, calisthenics women and just women that are really badass.

I don’t about the numbers or engagement. I’m just there to enjoy Instagram and use it as a place to share my workouts and process as well as encourage others on their own journey.

I actually feel like I’ve found my Instagram purpose for the first time ever. It’s perfect.

I feel like I’ve cracked it this time! Until I post another rant about Instagram in a few months that is 😉

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1. noun: a female blogger that writes about her own experiences, observations and opinions. 2. verb: to act like a complete idiot or to do something stupid. e.g: She did a Corinne.

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