My cat got spayed

My beautiful little kittle, Annabelle, got spayed last week. I am hoping that she never has to have an operation again because it was stressful!…


My cat got spayed

My beautiful little kittle, Annabelle, got spayed last week. I am hoping that she never has to have an operation again because it was stressful!

My cat got spayed

We took her in Thursday morning. She was meowing in the cat carrier in the car to get out. It’s awful when you know your cat isn’t happy and you can’t be like ‘listen honey, we’re taking you to the vet and you will be home very soon and everything will be fine and we love you sooooo much please don’t hate us’.

When we got into the nurse’s office, the nurse said how she looks like a kitten. She picked her up and cuddled her while she was filling in a form on the computer and Annabelle was quite calm now. It was nice to see that because it made me feel reassured that she was going with people that would stoke her and comfort her rather than it be a bit of a cold experience. She explained the procedure and we decided to get extra blood tests done before to check her liver and kidney function, as well as give her extra fluids.

Before we left we put her back in the box and walking out of the room without her was awful. I cried, haha. I was a bit teary all morning until they called around midday to say she was out and awake, doing good and we could pick her up at 3.

I know it’s a routine operation but my baby! I just wanted her home and to feel safe.

We picked her up and she was pretty quiet, I guess we expected that! When we got there, the women at reception said ‘Annabelle has stolen some hearts today’. When we went in the nurse said she was so sweet and well behaived and she was loving the attention everyone was giving her. Of course everyone loved her. She’s perfect.

When we got home she went upstairs and was still jumping on the bed and things. It wasn’t until a bit later where she went really quiet and still. I guess the medication wore off from the vets and she started to feel worse. She slept in the spare bedroom next to the radiator. She usually sleeps on our bed but we decided to leave her where she wanted to be, plus would have been worried about her on the bed if we had moved during the night and hurt her.

My cat got spayedThe next morning she was still a bit out of it. She wasn’t really eating either, it was like it was hurting. I couldn’t get her to take the painkiller as she wasn’t eating which wasn’t ideal as it would have made her feel better. I tried to crush it up in food and kept trying to get her to eat it but she wasn’t interested.

She seemed a bit more lively around 4 pm and ate some wet food. Slept on my bed, too, that night. The next morning she came down to the kitchen for food. I hid a full painkiller in the meat of her food and she ate it whole. Phew. Much relief. She was better that day, still slept mostly and was slow up and down the stairs. She meowed a few times too in the afternoon. She’s usually quite chatty but had been so quiet since the opp, it was nice to hear her little voice. We went to sleep with her on my stomach. So cute.

My cat got spayed

The following day she had her painkiller, then I had to stick her in the cat carrier to take her to the vet by myself. She wasn’t impressed with me. The vet said the wound looked well and she looked good. It was a 2-minute appointment then we could go home.

My cat got spayed

So yeah, she’s still a bit quieter than usual but is getting better and better as time goes on.

Poor little kittle, I feel bad we put her through this but know it’s for the best!

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  1. She will bounce back to her usual self soon enough I’m sure! Like you said, it’s the best thing for her! You’re such a good cat Mum 🙂

    Sarah 🙂

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