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How I got 100k unique monthly viewers on Pinterest in 47 days

Two months ago, I had no idea how to increase unique monthly viewers on Pinterest. This morning I logged onto Pinterest this morning to find…


Two months ago, I had no idea how to increase unique monthly viewers on Pinterest. This morning I logged onto Pinterest this morning to find this:

I’ve finally hit 100k monthly unique viewers after only 47 days of putting some effort into Pinterest!

On the 25th October 2018, I didn’t do much on Pinterest. I had used it in waves and though I had tried to grow my followers and got to 3k followers back in 2016, I hadn’t done much with the platform since.

After seeing success stories of Pinterest and how it’s perfect for my niche I decided to have another go and conducted a 4-week Pinterest experiment with the goal of trying to increase my monthly viewers. Each week, I tried a few new tactics and tracked my progress.

The results:

  • Increase traffic by 1,186%.
  • Increased average unique monthly users from 3.6k to 51.3k  in 4 weeks.
  • After 47 days, average unique monthly users hit 100k
how to increase unique monthly viewers on Pinterest
Example of monthly viewers on Pinterest dashboard

The month before I started working on Pinterest, I had 10 sessions from Pinterest. Then the last two, I’ve seen a massive increase! I’m hoping over the next few months this will grow even more.

how to increase unique monthly viewers on Pinterest

How I went from 3k to 100k monthly views on Pinterest following so easy strategies to get more traffic from Pinterest to my blog

How to increase unique monthly viewers on Pinterest

Pin lots.

The most important tip out there is to pin lots. Although all the guides say the same thing, none of them say how many times you need to pin a day start to see an increase in unique monthly viewers.

Hello, transparency! You know the drill, I’m not afraid to be honest! My current Pinterest schedule is 700 pins a week. Each day I pin between 89 and 116 pins. I used the Smart Pinning Schedule in Tailwind which tells me which times are best to pin according to my audience.

I didn’t start at this many, though. I started at around 50 a day and slowly increased it.

Create beautiful graphics. 

Beautiful graphics can be a bit of a subjective term. Of course, not everyone likes the same style of photos. Clean pins with lots of white space, as well as colours that don’t clash are the type you want to go for. Make sure you can see the text clearly against the background.

If you have an image you want to use but your text doesn’t stand out, you can lower the transparency like in the last graphic above, add a tint like the second photo or even create a shape or rectangle that goes under the text to help it stand out.


Branding is important for making yourself stand out. You want your followers to be able to recognise your style anywhere! When you add a pin to your blog post to encourage others to share, make sure it is in line with your brand.

Not sure where to start? Check out this post on the importance of branding on social media.

In short, you want to look a colour scheme and using the same fonts.

If you’re not sure what you want your visual branding to look like yet, that’s okay. It develops over time and you can experiment with a few options until you find what you want. Keep trying different styles and when you are happy with your colour scheme, style and font, stick with it!

Different pins for the same post.

This might go a little against the point above, but don’t be afraid to experiment with different pins for the same post. You might want to try different colours and fonts to the pin you share on your blog post.

It’s a good way to experiment if you are thinking about changing your branding, but more importantly, it’s a good way to see which pins are getting the most attention. Is there a pattern with implementing on your main images?

Another reason this is a good strategy is that different people might be attracted to different images, so if they didn’t click on your original pin, they might click on the others.

I try to do about 5 per post. Remember to change the title and headline to stop it looking repetitive!

Manually pin, too.

There is some evidence that suggests manually pinning gets your pins shown to more people, so it’s also worth trying this out!

You can add your own pins to a private board and then randomly pin a few during the day, or just go through your feed and share other peoples pins when you get a chance. I try to do this about twice a day.

If you find your unique monthly views have plateaued, I’ve found this a great way to give them a boost!

Group boards.

Group boards a great way to get your content seen by lots of people as some have thousands of followers! The trick is finding boards that are open. Many require you to email the board leader which requires a bit of effort and they don’t always get back to you!

I have set up my own group board for UK bloggers here. Let me know if you want to join the comments below. Pinterest seems to be dominated by Americans, which is fine, but I wanted to grow the UK community a bit more.


Tailwind has been the tool that has helped me manage my pins and I am confident that without it, I wouldn’t have stuck with Pinterest!

I do pay for it, but I love the fact that I can schedule 100’s of pins at once! At one point I had 2500 pins scheduled, it’s so great knowing you have a months worth of pins scheduled so you don’t need to worry about it for a while!

Tailwind tribes.

Another key thing for me is Tailwind tribes. I’ve upgraded to a higher package so I can post 200 pins to tribes a month.

You submit your pins to a tribe and others can then repin it. It’s also a great way to find content to schedule! If someone shares one of my pins, I try to share theirs in return! This is another feature you need to pay for if you want more submissions.

The only downside is that tailwind can be slow, so returning the favour can sometimes be frustrating as you have to wait for their pins to load.

I’ve also created a Tribe for UK bloggers if anyone wants to join!

Hashtags and descriptions.

Pinterest is a search engine, just like Google! Be sure to add descriptions and hashtags to your pins. I wrote this post on how to find hashtags.

At the end of my description, I always hashtag my brand name #skinnedcartree and then use 4 or 5 other tags.

Board names and descriptions.

When creating board names, remember KEYWORDS.

Some of my boards are called:

  • Email marketing tips for bloggers
  • SEO tips for bloggers
  • Tips for blog traffic
  • How to make money blogging

Go for terms that people will actually search. Also, use keywords in your board descriptions.

Pinterest profile.

how to get traffic from pinterest - monthly viewers on pinterest

Optimise your profile with keywords – include them in your name and your bio to show up higher in Pinterest search!

Great content.

The most important thing – you need to be creating great content! Content that informs, entertains, inspires and gives the reader real value.

Content has and always will be king and no matter how catchy your titles are and how pretty your graphics look, you need to be sharing quality content. That’s the type of content people will share all over social media! Not just Pinterest.

So there you go, how I’ve managed to grow my Pinterest account and increase pageviews from Pinterest to my blog.

This is something you should try in the new year if you don’t already use Pinterest as a marketing tool for your business or blog!


  1. I want to really step up my Pinterest game and I think the first step is investing in Tailwind!

    Thanks for sharing!


  2. Great tips – I keep hearing Pinterest is such an under used resource and I love pinning but need to start creating stuff myself! Please can I join your Pinterest group? My username is iwishicouldwink 🙂

  3. Thanks for a great read, I am struggling to get to grips with Pinterest/tailwind so have been trying to brush up. I have asked to join your board my username is @dailydeals_blog. Thank You 🙂

  4. Thank you for sharing! Pinterest is something I definitely need to get more into. I really struggle to pin a lot and was wondering if you had any good ideas on how to do this? I simply just don’t think I could read so many articles from people to pin them! I don’t get how people could pin over 50 a day when I barely can find time to do 5 a week? Is there a good way to find very relevant / quality things that makes it the whole process a bit quicker?

    Reema |

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