Modelco Power Lash Mascara

Modelco Power Lash Mascara

As this was just a sample, I took this on holiday with me to save space. Not that a tube of mascara really makes a difference. But I like to do wild things like that when I go on holiday.

At £24 for a full-size tube, this is quite the investment. For me, anyway. I tend to spend about £8 on a mascara because I’ve not seen a big enough difference when using high-end mascara to justify it. You can get the travel size for £9 – which is a bit nuts when that’s what I pay for a full size. Mine came in a subscription box, of course, I wouldn’t spend that much on a sample unless I really wanted the full size.

This Power Lash mascara promises to offer you gorgeous, full and luxurious lashes. It has an intense black pigment to really dramatise your lashes with its smooth formula that glides on each lash to bring you great length.

I actually thought this mascara was pretty good. It added volume without clumping – a rare treat. It did give my lashes an extra pop and I’m not easily impressed by mascara.

So if I was the type of person to spend that much on mascara, I would get this one. But I still think £24 is a lot for me.

Modelco Power Lash Mascara

Modelco Power Lash Mascara

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