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7 things I love about Melbourne

If you know me, then you also know when I went to Melbourne, I fell in love with the city. I wanted to share some…


If you know me, then you also know when I went to Melbourne, I fell in love with the city. I wanted to share some photos of an afternoon I spent there and tell you why I love it.

And yes, that is Mark Owen from Take That in a photo with me!

what i love about melbourne

The culture.

I’ve lived in Bradford and Leeds before, so I’m not new to living in a place of diversity – Melbourne is very similar, but on a bigger scale. Everyone comes together to share food, art, music, fashion and more.

Walking down the street, you’ll see lots of different people wearing different styles of clothing, clearly feeling free to express themselves in this great city.

The history.

A young city compared to most – Melbourne is packed full of history. From the great gold rush, being Australia’s capital until 1927, the part it played in the war, the influx of immigration from many countries. Lots has been packed into its short history.

The skyline.

I’ve lived in cities before, but the skyline in Melbourne is insane compared to the quaint skyline of York. There are skyscrapers everywhere, with it’s CBD (central business district) having skyscrapers densely packed together, it’s a little overwhelming to see from someone who has never been to a city like this before. Grand is the word that comes to mind. It really does make you feel like a speck of sand!

The nightlife.

I have no idea where to begin giving advice on where to go in Melbourne in the evening, I feel like I didn’t get to experience it enough for myself, but with clubs and bars on every corner, there is something for everyone. My fondest memory is the bars in The Crown and the bars in Southbank. Stunning.

The transport.

Transport is easy in Melbourne. Trains, trams, and buses are all easy to find and there’s a station close to you wherever you are. They all run off Myki cards – similar to London’s Oyster cards. It’s simple to use so you can get around this massive city quickly.

The food.

There’s food of all kinds in Melbourne, you’ll never be stuck for somewhere to eat. There’s every type of possible cuisine – be sure to check opening times though, as somewhere we wanted to go to on a Sunday didn’t open until late afternoon.

The shopping.

Melbourne can get hot! Thankfully, Melbourne is full of shopping centres that have glorious Air Con. Myer’s is one that sticks in my mind – it had a full floor dedicated to Christmas when I went in November. Gifts, decorations, a Santa’s grotto. It’s a great way to send a hot day when you’re fed up of the heat!

melbourne oz
melbourne oz
melbourne oz


  1. melbourne seems lovely! your australia posts are making me just a wee bit jealous, haha! but i’m glad you had such a great time there:-) xx

  2. I’m in Brisbane at the moment but I’m really hoping to go and visit Melbourne! It sounds amazing so as soon as I saw you had written a post about it, I HAD to read it! You’ve made me want to go even more haha! I’ve heard the nightlife is flipping amazing! xx

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