A day at Banana Beach, Zante

banana beach zante

We’ve just been to Banana Beach! When I mean just, I mean the time of writing this. Which is the 4th September, 2017. Who knows when it will go live?

Anyway, there’s free buses to Banana Beach. Woo, so we waited at the bus stop and got the 9:55 bus. We we told that the bus will take us back at 4pm and were given cards as we got off the bus so they could let us back on. I suppose to stop anyone getting a free bus ride.

It was about 20 minutes from Argassi but I believe they do them from quite a few places. The road was long and winding. The typical roads on holiday where you wonder how a coach can even turn a corner and then you feel a bit afraid for your life.

We got there safely to find a stunning beach with blue sea. There is a bar right at the top and you walk down to the beach to the sunbed area. You do have to pay for the sunbeds, starting from seven euros for two. It goes up depending on which ones you get. They even have big beds, but they’re the most expensive.

You can order food and drinks from your sunbed and it’s brought to you. Pretty great, apart from they bought my Dad two beers instead of one (although my parents gave it to me, woo) and they missed out one of the meals we ordered. The chips were stunning, though.

We were also constantly pestered by men selling watches, sunglasses, hairbraids, bags and women selling massages. Within 10 minutes we had been pestered 4 times then another came up and my family kept saying they didn’t want anything. In the end I shouted no at him from where I was sat and he got really mad at me and I wanted to punch him in the face.

You don’t pay 15 euros for sunbeds to get pestered all the time.


The beach was very nice, but I much preferred where we had been going near our hotel as there was more fish in the sea when we snorkelled and no lucky lucky men.

banana beach zante

banana beach zante

banana beach zante

banana beach zante

banana beach zante

banana beach zante


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  1. candice
    September 18, 2017 / 10:02 am

    The beach looks amazing, I can’t wait for Summer time here in South Africa

    Candice | Beauty Candy Loves

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