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Rimmel Match Perfection Foundation // Is this the one?

  I’m usually more of a BB cream type of girl. Mainly because I find a lot of foundation sends to clump around my dry…


Rimmel Match Perfection


I’m usually more of a BB cream type of girl. Mainly because I find a lot of foundation sends to clump around my dry skin and spots.

I’ve been suffering with a lot of spots since I stopped smoking, these have quickly developed into scars that just don’t seem to fade. BB cream isn’t covering them properly so I’ve been learning further and further towards something that will cover the hideous scars on my face.  They never really bothered me up until recently, when it dawned on me that I’m getting closer the dirty thirties and by the time I get blemish free skin, I’ll probably be fighting with crows feet and fine lines.

The years are adding up and I don’t want to miss the chance to have nice skin. Or at least pretend to have nice skin.

So out comes the foundation.

Rimmel Match Perfection and Rimmel Fix and Perfect Primer.

I bought this duo a while ago but only used it a few times.

Rimmel Match Perfection

Rimmel Fix and Perfect Primer.


Rimmel fix and perfect primer

This primer boasts it’s ability to smooth, resurface, brighten, mattify and protect your skin. It’s a white cream that isn’t as thick as moisturiser, but isn’t really runny either.

It absorbs well into my skin and I enjoy using this – although it doesn’t blur and smooth as much as Benefit Porefessional, it does a great job for the price.

I do have to be careful not to over do it though otherwise it can feel a little heavy on the skin.

Rimmel Match Perfection

Rimmel Match Perfection

This perfecting foundation comes with SPF of 18, it’s not too heavy but covers most of my blemishes, which is a massive woo.

I have found it clumpy around spots on occasions, but I don’t know how to really prevent that with any foundation as surely almost every product would clump around dry, broken skin. Sad.

I’ve started using this a few times per week and I’m really liking it. I even had someone at work say my skin looked really fresh and I looked awake, which is a winner – usually at work I look like I’d rather be in bed.

Rimmel Match Perfection

Although my skin still isn’t perfect – I feel a lot happier wearing this foundation and I’m glad I started using it again.

There’s nothing worse than feeling really aware of all the marks on your face while you’re wandering the world and the humans are looking at you. Ugh.

Rimmel Match Perfection

What foundation are you loving lately?



  1. Interesting blog post I don’t use foundation, as I am only young it isn’t best for me and my spots haha! Although moisturiser I use is elemis ! I found you blog through a comment on another one and I really like. Could you help me out and check out my blog
    and maybe follow me on blog lovin

    Thank you
    New follower

  2. I’ve never tried a Rimmel base product before but I’m intrigued by them since I hear lots from UK bloggers/vloggers. There’s not the full selection of Rimmel products in the US; I don’t think I’ve ever seen the Wake Me Up line available? I do love the Rimmel lipsticks though!

  3. This looks great on you! I’m a big fan of this foundation, its one of the only ones I’ve found thats actually pale enough for me and I do find it definitely brightens like you said. I struggle a bit with finding a powder to mattify this though on bad skin days, I’ve found it cakes a bit with all of mine πŸ™

  4. This loks flawless on you!
    I’ve found what works best for skin marks is Effaclar duo by la Roche posay, you have to be consistant but i have a few marks on the side of my cheeks and I’ve noticed they’re slowly fading away.
    I tried this foundation once but nticed it make my forehead shiny and also it was too orange for my skin tone (the woman from the shop didn’t match it too well!) so atm I’m loving the Instablur primer from The Body Shop and Rimmel’s Lasting Finish foundation!


  5. This foundation sounds really good, thanks for recommending it! I have little scars and marks on my chin too from blemishes, I find that Benefit’s Boi-ing concealer covers them right up without any clumps!
    Great post! x

  6. I’ve heard SUCH good things about this foundation! And yet every single time I end up picking up the same Max Factor one haha.

    My skin’s always been awful but I got into Pond’s cold cream cleanser a few months ago and it’s reaaaally really helped. Super-moisturising and I find it’s helping my blemishes and old scars go too πŸ™‚ xx

    Little Miss Katy | UK Lifestyle Blog

  7. I feel like rimmel never has anything for my skin tone πŸ™

    check me out

  8. I have to remind myself to pick up that primer to try. I recently have been loving L’Oreal Lumi foundation again, it works better than ever with the weather here.

    Reflection of Sanity

  9. You look lovely. I HATE buying foundation because I’m so pale – it always looks orange.

    Lizzie’s Daily Blog

  10. I used that primer a couple of years ago when it first came out but I didn’t really know what they did back then. As for the foundation, I have heard a few good things about it and it looks really nice on you, but the packaging isn’t exactly attractive is it?!

    Amy at Amy & More

  11. Hi Corinne!
    I use this foundation and I’ve found that if you really buff it in with a foundation brush, and then powder it, it has really good staying power and it just makes it look a bit smoother. I use Rimmel Stay Matte powder most of the time and it works a treat πŸ™‚

    But I love it! So good for the price πŸ™‚

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