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My Birthday // Tardis Cake


tardis cake

It’s a mother fucking Tardis cake!!!!! My mum made this for me because she is awesome. She’s been doing a cake course at college and when she turned up at my door step with a cake box in her hands, I knew instantly it would be one of two things inside. 

  1. A Tardis cake.
  2. A giraffe cake.

Seeing as I already have a giraffe cake, I’m happy it was the former. 

The Dr Who fun didn’t stop there, my housemates got me Tardis balloons, Dr Who wrapping paper and a Sonic Screwdriver! The Tardis cake was chocolate and it’s so rich, with a chocolate cream filling. 

I developed a slight obsession with Dr Who last December. When I went from never seeing a single episode, to watching all seasons in one month, then re-watching them in January.

Hopefully this post will clear up a bit of confusion. I told everyone on Twitter that I was 21. Then I freaked out about being 30 in yesterday’s post so was getting a mixture of ‘Happy 21st Birthday tweets‘ and ‘don’t worry, 30 isn’t old tweets’. I actually turned 28 yesterday, which isn’t as bad as turning 30 but not nearly as good as turning 21. Poop.

Now we’re all on the same page (LOL THATS FUNNY BECAUSE WE ARE ON THE SAME WEB PAGE LOLOLOOFGKOSOKGSFKO), let’s talk about what I did yesterday.

I basically got up and arsed about for most of the afternoon, then Donna came to our house after she had finished work. Donna brought me a fun goody bag full of presents. It had a colouring book, felt tips, stickers, a lucky bag, a slinky, a weighted bird and one of those cool pens that have different colours. It was totally one of those types of presents that reminds you of childhood!

We drank some wine, watched some videos on YouTube and then went to a Tapas bar called Viva Cuba. It looks really dingy on the outside but it was actually really nice! I have more photos of the food but I’m going to post them in a separate post as I already have a million photos to post in this one.

After eating the lovely food at Viva Cuba, we went bowling. Donna won both games. She’s a cheat.

I was really drunk.

Overall, it was a good birthday.

Tardis Balloontardis cake

tardis cake dr who wrapping paper Dr Who balloons DSC_0802 DSC_0805 friends christine red bow wine tapas chicken tapas air hockey air hockey photobooth photobooth bowling screen bowling balls hollywood bowl hollywood bowl leeds hollywood bowl leeds bowling shoes hollywood bowl

sonic screwdriver slinky hello kitty pen

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