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Naked 3 from Cohorted

Whooooo. I finally got my hands on a Naked 3 palette. 
I was going to make a post with some swatches and some different looks using the Naked 3, but then I realised that there are a million other blog posts and YouTube videos on that, and I am sure you have seen the arms and eyes of 1000’s of other bloggers modelling the Naked 3’s beautiful rose, gold and brown shades. So let’s not waste our time here and get to the thing you really want to know. Which is how I managed to bag a Naked 3 palatte for £18.50. See, now you’re interested, right?
I got a Naked 2 palette in January 2013 and have used it around 5 times a week ever since. There is still a lot of of use left in it so I’ve been holding off getting the Naked 3 as I’ve not seen it anywhere any cheaper than £37. It’s around £32 in the US so I was going to wait until May when I go on Floriday. 
I have a friend, see. Her name is India and she is the community manager for a brand new online shop called Cohorted. Launched late March, Cohorted has a very clever but simple concept. 
Say, for example, there is this dude called Edwardo (named after Anna Saconne’s new baby, congrats). Well, Edwardo has 20 Naked 3 palettes and he wants to sell them. He puts them online but they don’t really sell because they are the same price as everybody else’s so it’s hard to get noticed amongst the big shops. 
Edwardo decides that he would be willing to sell them at a cheaper price if he was to sell them in bulk. So, if he can sell 20 all at once, he would sell them at a discount. 
This is where Cohorted comes in. Edwardo sells his 20 Naked 3 palettes and is willing to drop the price 5% per sale, until the palette gets to 50% off, then it caps at this price. The control is his, he can decide to cap it at whatever percentage he likes. The more people who buy it, cheaper the price. 
Corinne comes along and sees the Naked 3 palette on Cohorted. She sees that it may get to 50% off IF the required amount is sold. It’s had a few sales and is currently 20% off, so Corinne joins the Cohort, checks out and waits. If more people buy, the percentage will drop. Corinne will get the Naked 3 palette for the lowest price it sells. So, if it gets to 50%, that’s what Corinne will pay, even though she checked out when it was 20%. The payment sits as pending in your paypal account, and when the Cohort closes (either when all items are sold, or when the time runs out) the final payment, which everybody pays, no matter what price the product was when they joined, will then be deducted form the account. 
The delivery time is excellent also. I’ve order 4 things from Cohorted and they have arrived within 2 days of the Cohort closing.
Let’s see what is currently being offered:
Here you can see a little more how it works. It tells you what the current price is, what the RRP or starting price is, how much discount has been applied so far and what the maximum discount the seller is willing to sell it for. You can also share the products on social network sites to encourage others to buy it.
Christine is addicted to this too, she managed to bag the Mac Lipstick for £10.50. I lucked out and got some Clinique Clarifying Lotion at a massive discount of 61%! 
I also got the following lipstick at 20% off, unfortunately not enough people checked out so it didn’t reach the full discount of 50%. That’s why it’s important to check out after you click ‘join cohort!’ 8 people joined and said they wanted it, if they had all checked out, we could have all gotten it for £2.50!
Check out Cohorted for yourself, and see what bargains you can grab. 
This is now a website I check daily to see what bargains I can get!
And if you were wondering, this was not a sponsored post, I just want you all to buy the items so I can benefit from the amazing discount also 😉
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