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How to Get More Engagement on Facebook

  As I explained in my last post, since Facebook changed it’s algorithm, many page owners have seen a decline in their Facebook reach. I’m going…

facebook how to get engagement
As I explained in my last post, since Facebook changed it’s algorithm, many page owners have seen a decline in their Facebook reach. I’m going to share some tips on how to use Facebook to better your user engagement following these changes. I was going to leave this until later in the week, as I didn’t want my blog turn into a how-to blog but I’ve had a few tweets and comments about some of you waiting for this post. So, here ya go.
-there's no elevator to sucess. you have to take the stairs.- (9)
Use link share, instead of posting the URL in a status. 

I’ve entered the URL and pressed submit in the first image. This is an example of a status with a link embedded.

Facebook has found that these types of posts from Pages do not get as much engagement as from friends, therefore will be filtering less of these types of posts from pages into News Feeds. Facebook then explained that other story posts may prove to have an increase in reach. 

They went on to suggest that sharing links in Facebook would get a higher reach than the way above.

If you wait a few seconds before submitting your post – Facebook automatically pulls in a picture and some text from the website you are linking. This is now a ‘link share’.

This is how you want to be sharing your content to get it out to more readers.

So that’s how to get your posts ‘out’ to your actually followers, now lets talk about how we are going to get them to engage in your content.

Edit your ‘link share’ post.

I have ‘link shared’ the post to the left, but did a bit of editing before I submitted it.

According to Facebook, it will get more engagement than if I didn’t edit it. This is because it is more visually engaging to users and doesn’t have the clunky looking URL like in my example above.

You can edit the post in various ways:

  1. You can add a description/text where the URL originally was.
  2. You can upload you own image to replace the one automatically ‘pulled’
  3. You can edit the text highlighted in blue by clicking it.
Add text to your images.
If you are going to upload your own image, it’s a good idea to add text to the image to attract more attention. Most people are more likely to read the text on an image than the text over or above it. You can use picmonkey if you don’t have editing software. 
The text you select will depend on your niche and your post. Examples could be:
  1. How to dress for valentines date.
  2. The new shoe collection at New Look
  3. See what I bought from Primark!
You get the idea.
Use your page insights.
Facebook offers a whole new set of stats (or insights) for you to obsess over analyse.
The information is split into two categories:
1. User Insights (demographics, daily active users, daily likes/unlikes etc)
2. Interaction insights (post likes, reach, comments etc)

There are a tonnes of statistics to measure and track. Which ones you want to use depends on you, but the two I find most useful are:
‘When Your Fans Are Online’. This is a good indicator of what time on what day you should post content, as more people are more likely to see it.
‘Post Reach’. This tells you how many impressions each posts has, which is again a good indication of what type of posts are going into your fans News Feeds and also which ones they are engaging with more.
Engage with your fans.
Engagement is key. To keep people interacting on your page, you need to respond to comments. Also asking questions in an informal way is a great way to encourage comments.
Give content that isn’t on your blog.
If you are just posting links to your blog posts (which I am guilty of), then you are probably not going to get much engagement – post things that your followers won’t see on your blog. Like random photos, share a new pair of shoes you’ve seen, or an article you like. You can even give updates of what you are up to, ask opinions or add a poll. People on Facebook LOVE to share opinions!
I started writing the post with the intention of helping you gain a higher reach and more engagement through your blogs Facebook page, but I’ve actually ended up find out information to help myself too. I’m very good at engaging and interacting over on my twitter page, but my Facebook page is a whole different story. I’m going to make a few changes to how I use my own page from now on, I hope you found this little article helpful – if you use any of these tips, please let me know how you get on and if you have any more, please feel free to leave them in the comment section below.

Useful tip from Twitter: 

.@bloggerforums Also, did you know that by tagging a brand in your post it may appear in their followers feeds. #BlogHour
— Ashton Lee Hudson (@AshtonLeeHudson) March 11, 2014

Since implementing these changes, I’ve started seeing traffic come from my Facebook page to this blog. It might not be loads, but to say I was getting no traffic from Facebook most days, it’s a massive improvement!

How much user engagement do you get on your Facebook?


  1. Do you know if it would change the engagement if you used a url shortener like Great post!

    Paula at Beauty Lover xx

  2. brilliant post! I’m definitely guilty of not giving my Facebook page as much attention as I should.. although I’ve started sharing photos and trying to encourage interaction a little more and i have noticed a big difference!

    Hannah xx

  3. thanks for the tips! 🙂
    i think i need to share more content that’s not from my blog


    Inspirations Have I None

  4. Interesting tips, Corinne. I usually read blogs by Bloglovin because I haven´t got time to pass by Facebook. But I try to follow all your new posts. Kisses:)

  5. This is so useful! Thanks for sharing. I’ve joined facebook relatively recently and am never really sure how to use it, I will make sure to try out these tricks though, thanks!
    Carrie xx


  6. Ohh thanks you!!

    I have just made a Facebook page for my blog and all advice are wellcome.


  7. Gawd bless Facebook, they’re a fussy bunch! Thanks for the tips, jolly helpful.
    M x Life Outside London

  8. I haven’t got my blog’s Facebook page as I don’t like the idea of it linking to my private account. Or maybe I’m wrong. Great tips, Corrine. They got me thinking about setting up a page. Thank you! x

    1. I had the same fear, but when you start your page it doesn’t link it on your profile. You can even chose to comment under your page name, rather than real name. That’s what I do and nobody has ever found my blogs page through my profile!

  9. This was well research and very informative, I am not a member of FB but I can see how it helps. I enjoyed reading your thoughts on my last post, thank you!

  10. Seriously , SO many awesome tips . I am keeping a Facebook page as a fancy formality but now I think , I’ll be trying to conquer it a BIT!
    Noor @ Noor’s Place

  11. woah this was crazy informative, thank you so much for taking the time to put it all together! i had no idea such little tweaks can help you reach more people, and i was definitely doing it wrong haha. this post definitely helped 🙂

    xo marlen
    Messages on a Napkin

  12. Thanks for sharing this useful information! I read your previous post about this subject and both have good information! In my blog’s FB page I share my latest posts and some random pics as you suggested. It’s a good way to keep your page “alive” in people’s eyes 🙂 I’m also on Twitter (@StyleByDeb)! Would you like to follow each other there?

  13. Thanks for sharing these tips with us your readers, and I have also fanpage and use Bitly for links, I have a return regular to my blog readers of my facebook fanpage.

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