Why don’t we take responsibility for our own health?

The headline of the BBC – Rise in diabetes ‘to cause surge in heart disease and strokes’ The article goes on to say how this…


Why don't we take responsibility for our own health?

The headline of the BBC –

Rise in diabetes ‘to cause surge in heart disease and strokes’

The article goes on to say how this is caused by obesity and poor health choices. How there is an increase in children and young people being treated for diabetes. How three quarters of these children and young people are also obese.

How does the article end?

Bold action must be taken. Food industries not acting quickly enough. It’s someone else’s fault.

Something that has been increasingly frustrating me about today’s world is the blame culture. It’s the government’s fault if you are obese. I’m sorry, what?

Why don't we take responsibility for our own health?

Of course, I do recognise some people live with illnesses which cause them to gain weight. I’m not talking about them. I’m talking about the average overweight person that refuses to take responsibility for their health and do something about it.

It’s about moving more and eating less. Making good food choices. We are taught in school about nutrition and exercise. It doesn’t take a long time to do a bit of research about healthy eating and the benefits of exercising 3 times a week on your smartphone.

Healthy food isn’t as expensive as people make out. Even a big packet of stir-fry veg from Tesco which costs £1 with some rice is a lot healthier than feeding your kids frozen chips and chicken nuggets. I’m going to be posting some healthy meals you can eat on a budget soon, so keep your eyes peeled for that!

Exercise isn’t expensive. You don’t need expensive workout gear, although it does make it more fun! You can walk, jog, run for free! My gym membership costs me £18.99. I know lots of people that say the gym is expensive, but they smoke, drink, pay £80 a month for Sky TV, get takeaways, spend £50 on PlayStation games. Priorities. You should prioritise your health over those luxuries. It’s almost as if people don’t want to spend their money on being healthy because they want Sky TV or cars they can’t afford. So the government should do something about it instead.

The world just worries me, with the NHS under more pressure than ever, we should be trying to stay as healthy and fit as possible, not just to put less strain on the NHS but because we only live once and should aim to live as long as possible, with a healthy body so you can still use your body to enjoy your life as you get older. Not just obese people – even if you are in a normal weight range, eating well and exercising is still important.

It seems very simple in my head. Obviously, it’s not simple because we are still seeing headlines like this on a regular basis. Can someone help me understand?


  1. I do agree, our weight and general fitness are our responsibility. Genetics don’t play such a large part. As someone who suffers from Chron disease I have it harder than most, because of the medication I take and symptoms I have to live with, but I do my best and I’ve managed to keep my weight in a healthy range. I only slipped a couple of times and those instances were not my fault at all, but the consequence of small intestine and colon operations I had to have done. Where there is a will, there is a way. If chronically ill people, those living with immune diseases and those fighting cancer can find it in themselves to work out, why can’t regular people?

  2. I feel like what you’ve written in this post is literally everything I don’t have the guts to write myself. I completely agree with this post, even if I did read it all whilst eating a pizza (haven’t had junk food in the longest time!) For me, I adore running every day, and it’s a completely free way to hit your total of minutes per week. I love pushing myself and knowing that I’m really bettering my own health – even more important with Crohn’s Disease. I agree with you – it’s sooo easy to take care of ourselves, why don’t more people actually do it?

  3. I’m with you. I don’t understand why people will spend ridicuous amouts on detox teas, diet pills, miricle quick fixes when 9/10 it all boils down to eating less and moving more. We all KNOW what the good foods and the bad foods are, we all KNOW we should eat more veg, we all KNOW that if the food is spilling off the plate then it’s not exactly a controlled portion.

    I’m fed up of people being too lazy to look after themselves but quick enough to blame everyone else for their situation.

    Sarah 🙂

  4. Yes exactly we all seem to ignore this when talking about health and fitness. I for one have seen many people blame the world, industries, and many other factors and that isn’t right just because people and the world are afraid of offending for any reason whatsoever when they are just telling people what they need to hear for their own good.

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