Where to start with bespoke radiators

Paladin are renowned for their stunningly unique range of radiators, that’s why I’ve teamed up with them to discuss where to start with Bespoke Radiators….


Paladin are renowned for their stunningly unique range of radiators, that’s why I’ve teamed up with them to discuss where to start with Bespoke Radiators.

Paladin understands the importance of turning a house into your home and ensuring every room exudes personality.

Often radiators are seen as nothing more than a functional piece. However, with a bespoke radiator, you can create a focal point for your room that boasts aesthetic appeal.

Paladin offers a range of striking paints for your cast iron radiators. Their ten unique Paladin colours mean they have something to suit all styles. They’re hard-wearing and washable. From bright gold that adds a regal look to your home to anthracite black perfect for a modern touch.

They’ve partnered with paint suppliers ‘Little Greene’ and ‘Farrow & Ball’ who offer a stunning range of colours from pastel pinks to earthy greens and refreshing blues.

If you can’t find the colour you’re looking for in their extensive range you’ll be pleased to know they offer a colour matching service. They have the ability to match almost every colour available. Their standard finish is eggshell, but they also offer full gloss, satin and matte finishes.

If there isn’t a paint colour that’s perfect for you, check out their range of paint effects, antiqued, highlighted, and premium lacquer, for something a little more unique.

Paladin Radiators aren’t afraid of hard work. They offer hand polishing for the ultimate finish. Skilled polishers work each section of your cast iron radiator to accentuate the unique details. Our Satin option provides a more muted and understated polished finish.

There are several levels of finish you can choose from:

Industrial is the best way to showcase raw cast iron. The surface is first smoothed and then the natural patinas are captured under a coat of clear lacquer.

Burnished creates a slightly aged look. This shows your radiator’s details without being overpowering.

Polishing is the most popular and traditional method, giving it an impressive shine.

Mirror will bring your radiator’s surface up to the brightest possible finish, making a stunning impression.

Find inspiration from interior design magazines, Pinterest and Instagram to help inspire your design choices, then let Paladin create your dream cast iron radiator.

Choose the design of your bespoke radiator first, and decide whether you’re looking for something minimalist and modern like the Bartholomew or something more ornate and traditional like the Shaftsbury.

When designing your bespoke radiator take into consideration how you will ensure it seamlessly integrates into the style of your home. Consider your wall colour and flooring and if you will you need to move furniture around so your new radiator is in full view.

Taking these things into consideration will ensure you create a cohesive and harmonious look. For more information on what Paladin offers don’t hesitate to get in touch with a friendly member of their team at sales@paladinradiators.com

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