What Makes The Best Throwing Shoes For 2023

When competing in athletics, footwear can determine the outcome of your performance regardless of the activity. In throwing games, in particular, hammer and discus throw…


When competing in athletics, footwear can determine the outcome of your performance regardless of the activity. In throwing games, in particular, hammer and discus throw or shot put, precision is of utmost importance, with foot placement and shoe type being integral components in a successful throw.

The best shoes, see this list updated for 2023 at https://velaasa.com/collections/lifting-shoes, offer the athlete stability while performing, albeit cushioning upon impact. Wearing the precise shoe for the activity you’re engaging in will help enhance performance and decrease the likelihood of fatigue. 

Consider these details to learn the fundamentals of throwing shoes and which is best for which sport.

What Are Throwing Shoes

Shoes specifically used for throwing athletics are designated as throwing shoes. The number of athletics that require throwing is countless, but some include hammer and discus throws, plus shot put and javelin. 

Regardless of the track and field sport, the priority is to get the appropriate footwear to ensure stability and comfort, allowing the greatest distance with the throw. 

For the individual events, specific throwing shoes will make a difference in the approach and the outcome. Let’s look at a few to see which shoe will offer the best performance.

  • What footwear is best for javelin events

Throwing a javelin is different from discus or shot put, making it necessary that your footwear be specific to the activity. The recommendation is for a heavier body that’s larger in bulk. These boast of having the added support needed for this event, along with the necessary spikes on the front and behind.

The design of the javelin thrower’s shoe is sufficient for an adequate approach and a cushioned landing.

  • The discus throw and shot put footwear come in two varieties

With discus throwing and shot put, there are a couple of options for optimum throwing shoes. You can choose either glide footwear or spin shoes. There is only one or the other with certain brands, but some of the favored brand names offer both.

With the glide footwear, the bottom is textured, allowing the athlete to grab the ground for a more secure footing. The bottom of the spin shoes is smoother to get a more seamless rotation.

Whether you want a more stable foothold or would like a more effortless spin with your toss, selection would be a matter of preference.

What Are Some Benefits Of Throwing Shoes

Throwing shoes have a few advantages for the prospective athlete. The footwear can offer a more enhanced performance since these are specific to the event, also allowing greater stability and cushioning for added comfort when landing. What other advantages should you expect with throwing shoes? Let’s learn.

  • The footwear provides excellent traction

When shoes offer an excellent grip, you’re better able to maintain balance and reduce the chance of slipping in the middle of a crucial throw. 

You have the chance to build up momentum before making the throw with good traction, which results in a powerful motion. There’s also less opportunity for an injury with the footwear gripping the ground securely.

  • This footwear is longer last than your average athletic shoe

Standard athletic shoes are less likely to withstand the strenuous activity of throwing events, the sheer force, and the rotating while throwing a “50 kg ball.” The longevity will also depend partly on the care and upkeep for which you should follow manufacturer guidelines in washing and maintaining.

Final Thought

The best throwing shoes for each track and field event are meant as an assistive tool for the activity, part of the gear that will help to achieve your objectives more successfully. You still need to train and work hard to develop your skill level. 

The footwear will help with that process. Go here for guidance on how to improve your performance with a pair.

Depending on which throwing activity you become involved with will determine the type of shoes you will consider investing in. With adequate care and upkeep, including washing your new footwear, these should last if sizes don’t change. 

In order to take optimum care of the shoes, follow manufacturing guidelines to learn proper washing techniques and the best way to maintain them.

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