Waistdear Black Friday Sales, New Pieces You’ll Love

ad. We all love a good Black Friday deal or many. We also believe that this is the best time to get the best shapewear pieces from Waistdear, as they are going to have the best new product discounts.


We all love a good Black Friday deal or many. We also believe that this is the best time to get the best shapewear pieces from Waistdear, as they are going to have the best new product discounts. They are going to be so good; you will regret not buying them. 

Why should you buy something during Black Friday?

Our favorite shapewear brand will be having a black friday shapewear wholesale sale and you shouldn’t miss it. They will be having new product discounts this time and you didn’t hear it from us, but they are going to be amazing deals for sure. But we want to focus first a little bit on what Black Friday is. 

Black Friday is the Friday or day after Thanksgiving and when holiday shopping officially starts. Its name originated because back in the 50s, there was a huge volume of shoppers that went to Philadelphia, and this created not only a lot of traffic and accidents but in some cases, it also created some violence. And, for the police forces, it was a black day. 

For retailers, it is also one of the more profitable days of the year, and it slowly has started to get a more positive connotation rather than a negative one. It is also a day where retailers will offer really deep discounts that will only be available during this day, even though some continue them until the now famous Cyber Monday. 

Product link: https://www.waistdear.com/collections/waist-trainer/products/black-plus-size-latex-double-belt-waist-trainer-7-steel-bones-compression

All you need to know about Waistdear

Waistdear has become one of our favorite wholesale waist trainers and shapewear brand. They are very innovative and with over 12 years of experience in the shapewear market, they have become the leaders in the industry. To be able to achieve this they have a highly experienced staff that works very hard not only to ensure that their products uphold their high-quality standard but that your experience is the best and goes smoothly without any problems. 

They offer many services for entrepreneurs and companies alike who want to open or already have an established shapewear business. ODM, OEM, drop shipping, and logo customization amongst others, are the services they provide. They will be for sure your best business partners. 

Product link: https://www.waistdear.com/products/wholesale-seamless-eco-friendly-360-waist-control-shaping-dress

Besides that, they offer a wide range of products that includes new arrival shapewear. These pieces are not only high quality but also comfortable, eco-friendly, and stylish. There will be one style for every need a person might have. 

Check these Waistdear pieces out

The following are Waistdear pieces that we believe you should consider adding to your wardrobe. The first one is their Hourglass Figure Shaping Waist Trainer with 15 built-in steel bones. This girdle has a shorter hem in the front and it is longer in the back. Provides U-shaped breast support while also reducing the fat on the back.  It also has two layers of compression in the abdomen, to effectively tighten it. 

The inner layer of this piece has an adjustable centre and front button design and an outer zipper that is traceless and more concise. Has a total of 15 steel bones to provide an effective shaping effect. It also has gold zippers and buttons and the waist has glossy embossed decorative strips.

Product link: https://www.waistdear.com/products/wholesale-one-shoulder-waist-sculpting-tummy-control-seamless-body-bodysuit

The next piece is their One-Shoulder Waist Sculpting Tummy Control Seamless Bodysuit. This piece has a lovely off-shoulder design that will partially reveal your shoulders. It provides great tummy control thanks to its tight fabric on the lower abdomen and waist, which increases the wrapping effect. 

It is a seamless piece that contours your body without showing any visible lines. It also has a hidden snap closure on the crotch to wear it on and off more easily. It has a thong design that won’t show any visible panty lines, especially if wearing tight clothes, and is made of ribbed twill, a fabric that is buttery soft to the touch, and very comfortable. 

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