Struggling with Vinyl Flooring Options

ad. Are you a fan of the natural appeal of wood or do you prefer the sleekness of stone when it comes to flooring choices?


Are you a fan of the natural appeal of wood or do you prefer the sleekness of stone when it comes to flooring choices?

With luxury vinyl flooring, you can have the best of both worlds – but one thing everyone agrees on is the style, performance, and quality it offers throughout your home, no matter which room you choose.

The Look Speaks Volumes

When it comes to selecting the look and feel of a room, the longevity and aesthetic appeal play a crucial role in the final decision.

Things tend to change over time, from furniture to fixtures to colour schemes – so it’s wise to ensure your floor can stand the test of time. Distinctive flooring, as a high-grade and long-lasting option, serves as an investment in your home, offering proven results throughout its lifespan.

Not only does the range offer one of the widest selections, but it also caters to individual tastes like no other brand. Whether you prefer stone or wood-inspired vinyl, there are numerous options available, ranging from light to dark shades and even timber looks – including design strips and borders for an added touch of elegance.


By incorporating the latest technological advancements in vinyl, Distinctive offers a product that surpasses expectations and pushes the boundaries of performance.

Featuring multiple layers, including PVC backing, high definition photographic reproduction, clear PVC embossed wear layer, and a protective coating, luxury vinyl flooring provides the ultimate protection. Additionally, if any planks or tiles do become damaged, vinyl is a cost-effective and simple material to replace without causing disruption to the rest of your floor.

The strength of luxury vinyl flooring ensures it can withstand the challenges presented by children and pets over the years, offering resistance against daily wear and tear.

Moreover, you can enjoy peace of mind with vinyl flooring, as it resists warping due to moisture, provides comfort with its cushion-like quality, offers warmth by perfectly connecting with underfloor heating, maintains a stable grip with anti-slip properties, and doesn’t require specialized cleaning products or sanding, unlike real hardwood.

Choosing the Right Installation

The only other dilemma you may encounter is whether to opt for glue-down or click-together installation. Clicking together the boards is a simple and efficient option that can be done within a few hours, while glueing down the vinyl using adhesive may take longer and could require professional assistance.

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