Should You Buy a Super King Bed or Two Single Beds?

ad. When it comes to choosing a supersized bed, you’ve got a big decision to make – super king or two singles? It ain’t easy, we know. Both options have their perks that are hard to ignore.


When it comes to choosing a supersized bed, you’ve got a big decision to make – super king or two singles? It ain’t easy, we know. Both options have their perks that are hard to ignore.

With two singles, you and your partner could each pick your perfect mattress. Maybe you like ’em firm and they like ’em soft – problem solved! And if one of you tosses and turns at night, no issue keeping your own sleeping space.

But super kings have their appeals too. Never having to worry about a gap between the mattresses is a nice perk. And getting to stretch out without ever worrying about hanging off the end? That’s a pretty sweet deal.

The same width, different lengths

Two single mattresses side by side share the same 180cm width as a super king mattress, but super kings are that little bit longer at 200cm, compared to 190cm for a single. 

So, if you want extra legroom, the super king wins. But apart from length, two singles offer the same sleeping space as the super king alternative.

What’s best for couples and singletons?

Pictured: Julian Bowen Fullerton 6FT Superking Storage Bed Frame – Blue. Available from Bedstar.

Given their generous proportions, a super king bed is brilliant for couples with the extra width letting you stretch out without disturbing each other. And with 200cm in length, even the tallest sleepers can sleep without their feet dangling off the end. 

Two single beds offer a similar sleep area, but because the edges meet in the middle, there is a noticeable firm spot in the middle of the bed. 

Couples are better off with a super king, while singletons are better off with a smaller bed, such as a double or even a king. 

The versatility of two single beds

One significant advantage of two single beds is their versatility. You can experiment with different mattresses to find the perfect one for each person. No more trying to find a middle ground between your preference for firm and your partner’s love of soft! 

Singles also give you flexibility in terms of positioning within the bedroom – you can place them side by side or at opposite ends of the room to free up space in between.

This versatility also makes two singles ideal for multi-purpose guest rooms. When you have visitors, you can easily separate the beds to create a twin room. Then, push them back together afterwards to return to a spacious super-king room – perfect in holiday homes, lodges, and other temporary accommodations.

The consistency of a super king

Unlike two singles, super king mattresses are designed to be one unified sleeping space. This means you get consistent comfort across the entire width of the bed. The mattress technology, feel and support level will be the same on both sides.

With two singles, there’s a risk of discomfort where the two mattresses meet in the middle. You may feel the joint even with mattress toppers while sleeping. Super king mattresses avoid this bridge gap for uninterrupted comfort.

Super Kings also provide a neater, less cluttered look. Having two bedside tables and two bedding sets can make a room appear more crowded. A streamlined super king creates a calmer, more spacious feel.

Choosing what’s best for you

When weighing up super kings versus two singles, think about who will use the bed and in what situation. Couples who want to sleep close together will likely prefer a super king, with the slightly more generous proportions allowing you to spread out and get comfy without disturbing your partner.

 Pictured: Birlea Atlas 3FT Single Metal Bed Frame – Black. Available from Bedstar.

But two single beds provide flexibility that super kings can’t match. From customised mattresses to easy repositioning, singles adapt well to different needs, making them a fantastic choice for multi-purpose guest rooms.

So, consider how you’ll use your new bed most of the time. Do you want maximum consistency? Or do you prioritise versatility? The answer should guide you toward picking a super-king or two single beds. But whichever you choose, you can be sure of many restful nights ahead with our award-winning mattresses

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  1. This is very interesting to think about! Two beds definitely gives flexibility, especially if you have guests. While a super king would feel more comfortable and seamless. Thank you for sharing!

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