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    Corinstagram October

    What a month! At the end of September, I found out I had got a new job! Left my old job in the middle of October, had a wonderful week in Venice before starting my new job this week. It’s…

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    Music Museum Venice // San Maurizio Church

    Venice – the birthplace of Vivaldi and a massive influence on music throughout Europe. This free museum is displayed inside San Maurizio Church and showcases beautiful instruments across a 300 year period, as well as a small workshop that shows…

  • venice

    Back from Venice!

    Last week I went to Venice for 4 nights with my boyfriend. Living the dream with perfect weather of 22c, just the right amount of heat for a city stroll without being uncomfortable. We settled into the lifestyle well. Out…

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    What to do if you’ve been shadowbanned

    Lol at me. I originally wanted a post on improving my Instagram engagement as it’s taken a nose dive but then discovered I was probably shadowbanned, so instead this is the third and final post in my mini-series about Instagram,…

  • instagram shadowban

    How to prevent yourself from getting shadowbanned

    Last week I posted about Instagram’s banned hashtags and shadowbanning. I’m pretty sure I’ve been shadowbanned and that’s why there’s been a big drop in my engagement. The only positive thing about it is that it has inspired me to…

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    Saying goodbye to work colleagues

    I did it! I escape my old place of work! It’s only taken over a year, but I have finally bagged myself a job I love. I had really outgrown my old job and I didn’t want to be in…