July Degustabox 2022

AD| This month’s ‘summer and get outdoors’ Degustabox is something we’ve all needed in the UK. Wow, talk about heatwaves! It’s been so hot this…


AD| This month’s ‘summer and get outdoors’ Degustabox is something we’ve all needed in the UK. Wow, talk about heatwaves! It’s been so hot this summer and there’s another heatwave on the way.

Shall we see what was in this box?

Mango Chili Tortilla Chips – Mister Free’d

These do have a kick for sure! We had them with a garlic dip and they were very tasty.

Thai Red Curry Heinz Plant Proteinz

I love Thai curry, I’ve never had it in a soup but I’m looking forward to trying this plant-based food!

Chargrilled Wraps – Mission

These made for a great dinner when we were using up some things we had in to save money on shopping. We had chicken and veg wraps. I love Mission wraps!

Fruits Freeze Pops – Polaretti

These Italian ice pops were very welcome right before the heatwave! I especially liked the Strawberry ones!

Soy Sauce – Hamadaya

My husband loves soy sauce – we’ve not opened this yet as he still has an unopened unfinished but he puts it on everything. Pasta, rice, noodles and probably other things which I don’t even want to think about.

Lighter Tasting Pilsner – Pravha

I love pilsner! I was looking forward to this but my husband drank it before I got to it. Very annoying.

Salt & Vinegar Peanuts Multipack 5 Pack – KP

Salt & vinegar is my all-time favourite flavour of snack so I really enjoyed these!


We used one of these with the Mission wraps and chicken and they are so good. Easy to use so perfect for having in when you need a quick and easy meal!

Black Cherry Raspberry / Orange Mango – Rubicon Spring

I love the Rubicon brand. Rubicon mango is iconic! These were so refreshing and sweet. Especially the back cherry raspberry!

Chocolush – Shaken Udder

This was so rich and delicious! I love Belgian chocolate – it was an absolute treat!

White Chocolate Macadamia Nut Clif Bar

These have been in Deugstabox a few times now and I never tire of them. A great snack when you’re peckish!

Squishy Cloudz – Fruits / Crazy Sours – Skittles

The fruits ones of these were amazing! I can’t get over how much I enjoyed them. That iconic skittle taste in a soft, squishy sweet was a delight. This was my favourite product in the box this month!

So that’s it for this months Degustabox. Which item would you most like to try?

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