How to Look After Your Health This Winter

The fact that winter is going to be around the corner very shortly is a sobering thought after the summer that has happened – or…


The fact that winter is going to be around the corner very shortly is a sobering thought after the summer that has happened – or lack of it. So, if you feel slighted that you even have to prepare for the winter bugs that will start to fly around freely, you are certainly not alone.

The cold weather might make you want to hibernate – and that is also completely fine; but with just a few simple steps you can keep yourself in top shape while being able to go about your day.

Here’s a rundown of how to look after your health during the chilly months ahead.

Get Bundled Up

As much as you might want to hold onto what could have been this summer, there is no point fighting it. Winter is no time to be defiant, and layering will be your new best friend. Think cosy sweaters, thermal socks and your favourite scarf your mum knitted for you. Proper clothing will not only keep you warm (essential), but will also help shield you from getting a chill, or worse, inviting a winter bug in.

Stay Hydrated

Remember, just because you’re not sweating profusely in the summer sun doesn’t mean you can skimp on water without suffering the consequences. It can be easy to forget to stay hydrated in winter without this reminder, but it is an essential key to maintaining good health – even when the temperature is flirting with zero.

To make it easier, try to sip on warm herbal teas, nourishing soups and, of course, plain old (hot) water. These will keep you snug, and your skin, immune system and essentially your wellbeing, will thank you.

Keep Moving

Winter might make you want to curl up with a blanket, but don’t forget to keep your body moving in between that snug life. Instead of braving the gross outdoors, opt for indoor activities instead. Yoga, home workouts and dancing around your living room are all fantastic ways to keep your blood pumping and your mood lifted without you having to brace the elements. 

Get Your Beauty Sleep

Winter nights are the perfect excuse for snuggling under the covers a couple of hours earlier than normal. Make the most of them by prioritizing your sleep, as it is essential for your mood and immune system – keeping your health in good condition. 

If you find you are exhausted even after getting adequate amounts of rest, it might be a good idea to see a GP to determine what underlying causes might be contributing to the problem. Get yourself a GP appointment online and go from there.

Remember, vitamin D levels can become especially depleted during the winter, which can cause extreme fatigue. Mention this to your doctor if you are not getting outside enough.

Prioritise Some You Time

Winter can sometimes cast a real shadow on your mood. Combat these winter blues by indulging in whatever self-care means to you. Whether it’s reading a good book, practising meditation or pampering yourself with a warm bath, taking time for yourself can work wonders for your mental health. 

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