How To Choose Your Signature Perfume

For me, wearing the perfect perfume is like the final touch to your outfit. It’s an invisible accessory that lets you show your personality and…


For me, wearing the perfect perfume is like the final touch to your outfit. It’s an invisible accessory that lets you show your personality and leaves a lasting impression. But choosing the right perfect can be difficult. There are thousands of fragrances on the market. Finding the right perfume that suits you might seem daunting. Fret not! I’ve put together some great information from fragrance experts and tips on navigating the fragrance landscape. Hopefully, this blog post will assist you in discovering your signature fragrance.

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Learning about the different types of fragrances can help you make an informed decision on what are the best perfumes for you. 

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My Perfect Fragrance

It’s worth remembering that different products work for different people, so it’s a good idea to try perfumes out for yourself. But I have three perfumes that I always come back to. I have gone through stages of wearing them daily and I always have these perfumes ready to go. I seem to gravitate towards floral scents and woody scents. My favourites are:

  • Kenzo Flower
  • Paco Rabanne Olympia 
  • L’amour Lalique 

These perfumes last the whole day and are such sweet scents with lovely floral notes. There are so many options when it comes to women’s perfume, it’s hard to have just one favourite! I love finding a new fragrance, but I’ve added a new perfume to my favourites for some years now. 

Understanding the Basics of Perfume

Before we get started with this fragrance journey, you need to understand the basics of perfume. The three main elements that make up a fragrance are the top notes, middle notes, and base notes.

Top Notes

The top notes of a fragrance, also known as head notes, are the initial scents you perceive when you first spray a perfume. These notes evaporate quickly, usually within 15 to 30 minutes, leaving behind the middle notes. Citrus, light florals, and herbs are often used as top notes.

Middle Notes

The middle notes, or heart notes, emerge once the top notes start to fade. They last longer and create the core scent of the perfume. Floral, green, and spicy notes are common middle notes.

Base Notes

The base notes are the perfume’s foundation. They come into play once the middle notes start to wear off and can last for several hours. Base notes often consist of rich, deep scents like musk, vanilla, and wood.

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Discovering Fragrance Families

Fragrances are grouped into families based on their predominant notes and olfactory characteristics. Familiarise yourself with these families to understand your preferences and guide your scent exploration.

Floral Fragrances

Floral fragrances are characterized by scents of roses, jasmine, lilies, white flowers, and other flowers. These fragrances are romantic, feminine, and classic, making them ideal for those who prefer a soft, delicate scent.

Oriental Fragrances

Oriental fragrances are warm, rich, and sensual, often containing notes of amber, vanilla, and spices. These fragrances are perfect for those who want a bold, exotic scent.

Woody Fragrances

Woody fragrances feature notes of cedar, sandalwood, and patchouli. They are earthy, warm, and grounding, making them suitable for individuals who prefer a more natural, outdoorsy scent.

Fresh Fragrances

Fresh fragrances are light, clean, and uplifting, often containing citrus scents, and green, or aquatic notes. These scents are great for those who prefer a refreshing, invigorating scent.

Identifying Your Scent Preferences

To find your signature scent, start by analysing the scents you’re drawn to in your daily life. Do you love the smell of fresh laundry, a particular shampoo, or the aroma of your morning coffee? These personal scent preferences can guide you towards the right fragrance.

Trying Perfumes the Right Way

Spray the perfume on a pulse point where your skin is naturally warm, like your wrist or elbow. This allows the fragrance to heat up, fully revealing itself over time. Remember not to rub the scent into your skin as this can break up the molecules faster, altering the scent journey.

Testing Perfumes Over Time

When testing perfumes, be patient. Allow the fragrance to mingle with your body chemistry and evolve on your skin over time. Top notes wear off within 15-30 minutes, revealing the heart notes, which then give way to the longer-lasting base notes. A scent should be worn at least twice in two different environments before making a decision, as factors like diet, weather, and surroundings can affect how it smells on you.

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Your Style and Occasions

The perfect scent should not only resonate with your style but also be suitable for the occasions you’ll be wearing it. A light, floral fragrance might be more fitting for everyday wear, while a bold, oriental scent might be reserved for special occasions.

Experimenting with Layering

If you can’t find a single scent fully captures your personality, consider layering different fragrances. Combining scents allows you to create a more nuanced and personalised fragrance that truly represents you.

Seeking Expert Help

Don’t hesitate to seek help from fragrance experts. Whether it’s a knowledgeable salesperson at a department store or a professional perfume consultant, these individuals can provide valuable advice and insights, guiding you towards the perfect scent.

Shopping Online and Ordering Samples

If visiting physical stores isn’t possible, consider shopping for perfumes online. Many online platforms offer fragrance quizzes and sample programs that allow you to test different scents at home. This can be a convenient and hassle-free way to explore a wide range of fragrances and find your signature scent. You can buy discovery sets that allow you to sample a small amount of different scents. It’s a great way to explore different perfumes and figure out which fragrance family you like best. 

Choosing a Signature Fragrance

Remember, the right scent for you is a personal journey. Trust your instincts, embrace the exploration process, and most importantly, enjoy the experience. Whether you’re drawn to floral fragrances, love the richness of oriental scents, or prefer the freshness of citrus notes, the perfect scent makes you feel uniquely you.

Knowing how to choose perfume involves understanding the basics of perfume, discovering fragrance families, identifying your scent preferences, trying perfumes the right way, testing perfumes over time, considering your style and occasions, experimenting with layering, seeking expert help, shopping online, and ordering samples.

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 With these tips in mind, you’re well on your way to finding your signature fragrance. Enjoy the journey and embrace the adventure of finding your new signature scent!


  1. This was a really fascinating read! I didn’t know anything about perfumes and things like base notes, for example, before reading this. I don’t wear a lot of perfume because I’ve never found one that I really liked and felt suited me. This was all interesting and helpful info for me and it’s tempting to give trying to find a scent another go.

  2. This is a helpful post on finding your perfect perfume! I prefer scents that are floral or citrusy, and my go-to perfume is Ari by Ariana Grande. It is the perfect mix of fruity and floral, and I don’t find it overpowering either which is a big problem I have with a lot of other perfumes.

  3. I love perfumes. But I still have not found my signature scent yet. I’ve tried a lot of perfumes. But I’m confused which one suits my aura. However, thank you for this guide. I’ll try to search for my signature scent again.

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