Google Analytics Course

google analytics course

This blog course is still ongoing and aims to teach you how to use Google Analytics with your site.

The course is mainly aimed at bloggers who generally won’t spend money on adverts, so the course focuses on the way bloggers will be able to use Google Analytics if you’re wanting to track progress, grow your traffic and more.

It covers the very basics, from how to set up Google Analytics, to more complex things.

I recommend you start at the beginning if you’re not familiar with Google Analytics.

Please note that this course is still in progress and I am still adding new sections. Follow me on Bloglovin or Twitter to keep up to date.

I only meant to write one post, after a reader asked me how I pulled together my data for my monthly stat reports. But since that went well, I’ve continued writing posts about Google Analytics with the goal of making it dead easy for the average blogger to understand.

Free Google Analytics Course

google analytics course

The basics:


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