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ad. It’s less than two months away now! I cannot help but get excited about CHRISTMAS. I’d happily skip all the autumn and pumpkin-spiced latte stuff and get straight to it.


It’s less than two months away now! I cannot help but get excited about CHRISTMAS. I’d happily skip all the autumn and pumpkin-spiced latte stuff and get straight to it. For me, autumn and Halloween are just a distraction that gets in the way of THE BIGGEST EVENT of the year. CHRISTMAS. I LOVE IT.

I can’t help myself when it comes to Christmas homeware. If I had space to store it all during the rest of the year, I would go mad and buy a whole different set of plates, cups, and glasses (wait, I have glasses and a cup!), blankets, cushions, candles, garland, table clothes, sparkling lights, nutcracker and Santa dolls – there would be everywhere.

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My husband is less enthusiastic about Christmas, though. He wants to wait for the latest date to put the tree up (1st December for me please!) and wants to take it down as soon as possible. As soon as Halloween is over, I start buying a few small bits here and there. I casually put them in the house and see how much I can get away with. He says he notices but doesn’t say anything. I think decorating early for Christmas is brilliant, it makes me happy and feel all cosy and giddy, like a kid.

What are the benefits of decorating for Christmas early?

Decorating for Christmas early has many benefits, depending on your perspective and personal preferences. Here are some advantages to consider:

Extended Holiday Cheer

Decorating early allows you to enjoy the Christmas spirit for a longer period. It can help you get into the festive mood earlier, which can be especially fun if you love the holiday season. And bonus fun if you have kids!

Reduced Stress

Starting your Christmas preparations early can help you avoid the stress and rush that often comes with last-minute decorating and shopping. You can plan your Christmas activities at a more relaxed pace.

Family Bonding

Decorating as a family can be a fun and bonding experience. It gives you more time to involve your loved ones in the process and create cherished memories together.

Festive Atmosphere

Early decorations can create a warm and cosy atmosphere in your home, making it a more enjoyable space for you and your guests during the Christmas season.

Festive Photo Opportunities

If you enjoy taking holiday photos (hello bloggers!) or hosting gatherings, early decorations provide a lovely backdrop for capturing memories.

Avoiding Crowds

Shopping for decorations and gifts early can help you avoid crowded stores and ensure you find the items you want before they sell out.

Spreading Joy

Early decorations can also spread joy to your neighbours and community, as they can appreciate the festive display when passing by your home.

Planning Ahead

Early decorating allows you to plan your Christmas budget and activities more effectively. You can assess your decoration needs, budget accordingly, and make a list of tasks to accomplish before the holidays.

Some people think that decorating too early might lead to decorations feeling stale by the time Christmas actually arrives. But I don’t agree with that! It just makes the fun last longer. It’s hard to feel sad and down when you’re in a house full of Christmas.

With that being said, let’s look at some cute little Christmas bits to get you in the holiday cheer.

Christmas Homeware

BearAndMooUK Cold Cups

Christmas Homeware Decor From Etsy - BearAndMoo cups

I’ve bought from the Bear And Moo shop many times – the cold cups are amazing. How cute are these Christmas ones?

Katie has many designs in her shop – it’s one to keep and eye on as she’s always on top of trends and brings out new products for the new seasons.

Buy them here.

Family Christmas Stockings

What’s more iconic than a Christmas stocking? This is the only time of year I wish I had a fireplace. When we move house, I’ll be putting stockings on the fireplace for sure. I love these knitted ones with the family names on!

Christmas Homeware Decor From Etsy

Buy them here.

Nordic Style Xmas Wreath

Wreaths on your front door let everyone know you’re ready for Christmas cheer, they help decorate the street. I love this star wreath which is a bit different from the norm but is sure to make a statement!

Christmas Homeware Decor From Etsy

Buy one here.

Christmas Blanket

Baby, it’s cold outside! Whether you’re just avoiding putting the heating on or enjoy getting snuggled up with a Christmas movie, a Christmas-themed blanket is a great addition to any sofa.

Christmas Homeware Decor From Etsy

Buy it here.

LED Christmas Tree Edison Lamp

Replace your normal link with this Christmas-themed one to help get you into the spirit of Christmas.

Christmas Homeware Decor From Etsy - Lamp

Buy it here.

Personalised kid’s Christmas mug

Hot chocolates are such a great treat for kids (and adults) over the holiday period. So grab a Christmas mug and get the marshmallows and squirty cream ready!

Christmas Homeware Decor From Etsy

Buy it here.

Reindeer Table Decoration

Christmas dinner is a special occasion. You’ve got to take a photo of your dinner to post on social media, right? It’s the main event of Christmas Day and a chance to sit around with your family and enjoy this magical day together. Make it even more special with little reindeer place settings!

Christmas Homeware Decor From Etsy

Buy it here.

Winter Table Runner 

Table runners are great throughout Christmas and on Christmas Day! They add a bit of festive trim to your table and give you somewhere to put all the plates of food!

Christmas Homeware Decor From Etsy

Buy it here.

Christmas Table Centrepiece

A table centrepiece is another thing that works all through Christmas. It adds a touch of magic to your table and is a great way to decorate your dining room or kitchen.

Christmas Homeware Decor From Etsy

Buy it here.

Boxed Wooden Nativity Set

I love a nativity set! Whether you are religious or not, the nativity story is a big part of Christmas. It’s a fun way to teach children about the story of Christmas, whether you believe it or not.

Christmas Homeware Decor From Etsy

Buy it here.

Christmas is a wonderful time of year filled with joy, festive decorations, delicious food, and the spirit of giving. I am looking forward to spending time with family and friends, exchanging gifts, and enjoying holiday traditions. There’s so much to be excited about! Is there anything specific you’re looking forward to doing or experiencing during the Christmas season?

For more inspiration, check out the Christmas shop.


  1. I’m with you on putting the tree up early, as well as getting prepped sooner rather than later. Etsy is such a treasure trove of unique gifts that you won’t find anywhere else – fab picks, especially the personalised kids mugs!

  2. Wow!!! Looks like Christmas really comes early this year. Even in Malaysia, there are some stores already selling Christmas products. Btw, the decors that you shared in this post are cute. Thank you for sharing.

  3. There are so many gorgeous products here! I absolutely adore Christmas homeware – but like you, there is nowhere to keep it. I have started planning presents, but haven’t done anything other than that x

  4. Yes yes yes yes yes! Love all of these! I actually bought some Christmas lights yesterday to put out in the garden this year, although I don’t think they’re quite going to be long enough so I want to go out and get some more haha. I really want to get a fancy table runner / table decor this year. Although I’m sure I said this last year too. PS. Boo your husband!


  5. I absolutely LOVE Etsy for unique and personal gifts – it’s always the first place I shop for big birthdays and Christmas gifts. I can always find something really sweet and personal on there!

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