Flowers at Home All Year Round: How to Enliven Your Interior

Decorate Your Home With Flowers That Will Last a Year and Not Just a Week Ad. Indoor plants are quite in demand nowadays. They not…


Decorate Your Home With Flowers That Will Last a Year and Not Just a Week

Ad. Indoor plants are quite in demand nowadays. They not only decorate the house but also improve the mood of house inhabitants. By choosing the right flowers, you can enjoy a blooming island on your own windowsill all year round.

When choosing such a plant you need to keep several things in mind. From this article, you will find out which year-round flowers are more suitable for indoors.

Fresh Blooms For a Fresh Day

Blooming houseplants make every room more lively. They give the opportunity to enjoy the rich colors of nature even during late fall and winter when the view outside the window is dull and monotonous. These plants have an undeniable advantage over flower bouquet delivery in London, since cut flowers fade very quickly, while the flowering plants will bloom for many years.

Popular year-round blooming plants include:

  • Balsamine – a light-loving plant that you must keep out of direct sunlight. In the fall and winter, when sunlight is a luxury, it continues to bloom under artificial light.
  • Geraniums – undemanding, light-loving plants that prefer abundant but infrequent watering.
  • Anthurium – a plant with shiny leaves and beautiful heart-shaped flowers.
  • Hibiscus – an evergreen flowering shrub, that is very popular and easy to take care of.

Remember that these plants can be more demanding to the conditions and care than traditional decorative plants. We recommend reading up on the particularities of a plant before purchasing it.

Blooming Showers

In case you like plants with a large number of flowers, violet is probably the perfect fit for you. Even people who do not know anything about flowers agree that it is beautiful. Petals especially amaze by their colour variants – from soft lilac to deep purple.

Another good option is the cyclamen. Each type of this plant has its own distinctive features. If you want to enjoy the juicy colours all year round, then plant different species of this decorative flower. Some varieties will bloom from spring to fall and others from fall to spring.

The final flower is not exactly year-round, but it is worth considering getting it. Kalanchoe is a plant with small flowers that can have different colours. It has the ability to bloom at any time of year, but the blooming can not be called long. Kalanchoe is quite demanding to the climate: cool air and dampness lead to the sudden death of the roots. So, if you will not be able to provide the necessary conditions, this plant is not for you.

Flower Study

So that your plants bloom all year round, they need discomfort. It starts the survival mechanism and leads to the emergence of fresh flowering stems. This might seem strange, but on the other hand, why would plants procreate under comfortable conditions?

To achieve the result gardeners use sudden changes in temperature, reducing the heating by 5-8 degrees, increasing the daylight hours, etc. However, even after you create all conditions for blooming, the buds might still not appear. In this case, it is possible to initiate flowering with the support of organic or synthetic substances. This is recommended only as the last resort.

So that year-round flowers grow and bloom, they need adequate lighting. The lack of light is the number one reason for insufficient blooming. Plants should be subjected to daylight for at least 10 hours a day, so during the winter, they will need extra lighting.

Choosing the right mixture of soil is also crucial. A detrimental effect on the flowering has a lack or an overabundance of nutrition – when applying fertilizer, follow the instructions on the packaging.

There are a number of things that usually affect the blooming process. Among them:

  1. Temperature;
  2. Humidity;
  3. Watering.

Of course, you can find already blooming plants in the stores. Yes, they will allow you to enjoy the beauty right away and without any effort but these plants were grown with a lot of special fertilizers and, most likely, will wither quickly after you bring them home.


  • How Do You Keep Flowers Alive Indoors?

This depends on the flower since each variety has its own requirements for the temperatures, humidity, light, etc. Look up what a particular flower needs before buying it.

  • How Do I Get My Flowers To Bloom Indoors?

Ideally, flowers will bloom without your interference. However, if you see that there is no way they will bloom anytime soon, a helpful trick is to actually make the conditions a little worse. Drop the temperature a few degrees and at the same time increase the light hours. This will stimulate the plants to reproduce and bloom.

  • How Can I Decorate My Room With Flowers?

However, you want. The decoration part is entirely up to you, just make sure that wherever you place the plants they get enough light.

  • Is It Good To Have Flowers In Your House?

Yes, flowers and other plants are not only esthetically pleasing but also act as a natural air purifiers.

  • What Is The Best Flower Inside The House?

Almost all flowers will be beneficial for a house. Begonia, for example, has very beautiful flowers and is basically a live air purifier. The choice is up to you and largely depends on how much time you are ready to spend on taking care of your plants.

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