Moving to California? Find Out About Car Shipping, Houses & More

According to new research, half of California (CA) residents have considered leaving the state. That number is significant given California’s high cost of housing, taxes…


According to new research, half of California (CA) residents have considered leaving the state. That number is significant given California’s high cost of housing, taxes and daily expenses, so if you are considering moving to California, this guide will take you through all the key aspects involved.

Finding a House

If you are planning on moving to California, be aware of its high cost of living. One way you can reduce expenses on your move is by buying instead of renting. A real estate agent or lawyer can assist with finding one that fits both your needs and budget. Before signing any paperwork, ensure you fully comprehend every word and detail of the agreement; if anything feels uncomfortable to you then request to have it changed or removed altogether.

CA is known for its stunning beaches, world-class restaurants and unparalleled entertainment scene – no surprise why so many dream of moving there. However, California remains one of the most costly states in which to reside – housing costs being particularly steep in cities such as Los Angeles and San Francisco where average house costs exceed $800,000.

However, even if you can afford to purchase a house in CA, the high cost of living will still be an obstacle. According to this site, California boasts some of the highest taxes in the country and residents pay double what is average nationally for healthcare costs. California schools are notoriously underperforming; thus many families choose private schools when moving there as this is the preferred option for a better education.

CA boasts an incredibly varied climate, ranging from scorching summer heat and dry air, to cold winters and rainy springs. Certain parts of the state experience extreme conditions – Death Valley temperatures have reached over 120 degrees Fahrenheit at times! When selecting where you would like to live in California, your decision will largely depend on personal preferences and activities you enjoy doing.

Moving Your Stuff

California is a vibrant state, offering residents many amenities and opportunities to enrich their lives. Sunny weather, entertainment options galore, and lucrative job prospects are just a few reasons to live here; yet before making your final decision to move here it’s essential to consider all its pros and cons before making the commitment and moving all of your belongings.

CA is notorious for its high costs of living. CA is known for having some of the highest sales and income taxes in the nation, which can significantly eat into your take-home pay. Therefore, when considering moving there it is prudent to have a significant savings account set aside as an emergency fund that can cover these additional expenses.

Traffic issues remain one of the biggest headaches for residents. While this might not be as bad in certain parts of the state, other parts can become inaccessible without prior warning. Traffic also contributes to high gas prices in the state which can become an additional expense when traveling over long distances.

If you intend on driving during your move to California, renters insurance should be on your priority list. Such an investment will protect against possible car damages or theft during transport; CA Department of Motor Vehicles registration of vehicles within 20 days after moving will require proof of insurance, title/registration documents as well as emissions certification documents as proof.

Car Shipping

California is one of the most populous states, boasting numerous tourist attractions and serving as an epicenter for the entertainment industry. CA also hosts bustling cities like Los Angeles and San Francisco – perfect if you need reliable car shipping solutions! Thankfully there are plenty of auto shipping services to fit into any budget or schedule!

When considering quotes, remember that finding a company offering full coverage auto shipping – including any potential price increases during transport – is of utmost importance. Some companies that specialize in auto transport in California have price lock promises that locks in your rate for up to a certain amount of coverage; which is especially impressive considering final costs can often end up 25% higher than originally predicted!

Review reviews for any company you’re considering before making your selection. Find out what other customers thought of their service, as well as any recommendations from friends and family who has used car shipping companies before.

Be sure to prepare your vehicle properly before shipping it, ensuring it has sufficient fuel, removing personal items or other debris that could become damaged during transit, taking pictures of it before it leaves and documenting any existing damages; this will come in handy should there ever be any disputes about its condition upon arriving at its final destination.

When you’re ready to ship your car, simply fill out our simple form. We’ll need the make and model as well as pickup/delivery dates to match you up with auto transport providers who meet both your needs and budget.

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