5 Tips to Buying a Pergola on a Budget

What better way to lounge and relax during summertime but in your own backyard, under the shade of a quaint pergola. It’s the perfect spot…


What better way to lounge and relax during summertime but in your own backyard, under the shade of a quaint pergola. It’s the perfect spot to rest, chat with family members or host an intimate party with friends. It transforms a seemingly bare spot in your surroundings to an inviting and picturesque area.

5 Tips to Buying a Pergola on a Budget

Building a pergola doesn’t take long, but it can cost a lot. Before having it installed, be sure that you have a clear idea of what specific type, design, and materials you want to use. Here are five tips for buying cheap pergolas if you’re on a budget:

  1.  Choose the materials well.

The kind of materials that you’ll use for your pergola is a great factor that will determine the cost of the entire project. Be sure to choose the materials wisely. Opt for treated wood or lumber because it is affordable and known for its durability. Redwood and cedar are insect resistant but may be costlier as it is rarely available, so it’s better to go for affordable types like pressure-treated pine wood.

  1.  Hire a professional handyman.

You may want to build your personalized pergola yourself, but if you’re not truly confident of your carpentry skills and expertise, then it’s better to hire a professional handyman to do the work for you. It may cost you more but in the long run seeking the help of a handyman who knows precisely what to do, from the planning stage to determining the precise amount of materials to be used, can help you save more.

  1.  Consider a do-it-yourself pergola.

If you have handyman skills, then you may want to consider a pergola kit or do-it-yourself pergola. You may need to research more about DIY kits through tutorial videos such as on YouTube, but it will work to your advantage especially if you’re comfortable with your skills. This prefabricated kit is easy to install and can be put up in as little as one day.

  1.  Decide on its purpose, space, and structure.

Before buying or building a pergola, be sure to decide what its purpose and structure would be as it will help determine how much space will be needed for it. Various designs/types

of pergolas serve a particular purpose and common types include: attached, trellis wall, walkway, modern, curved and Mediterranean, among others. Having a clear vision of your pergola project will enable you to calculate the costs and stick to your budget.

  1.  Opt for a smaller pergola.

You can also save up on your project by choosing a smaller pergola. This will enable you to spend less when it comes to materials that will be used. Having a smaller one may be restrictive regarding space, but it does not mean everything else will follow. You can still come up with a one-of-a-kind, creative, and relaxing pergola despite the small area with a little air from online resources such as architecture and design magazines and blogs.

Having your very own pergola in the vicinity of your home is a rewarding experience. Even if you are on a tight budget, you can still acquire your own pergola so long as you choose the materials well and be able to decide on its purpose, space, and structure clearly. You can also hire a professional handyman, consider a DIY kit or opt for a smaller area so you can still have the pergola that you’ve always wanted which is within your budget.

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  1. No doubt a pergola will give a special touch to your garden or terrace during the summer months, I think that for this type of facility it is best to seek a professional to ensure a good result. Have a nice weekend hun!

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