5 Tips To Become That Blogger Everybody Loves

So here you are, sitting in front of a keyboard, staring at an empty screen and wondering how to write the perfect article, how to…


So here you are, sitting in front of a keyboard, staring at an empty screen and wondering how to write the perfect article, how to nail that article so that everybody wants to read it and to know you. Becoming a blogger is a lot easier than you might think. All you need is to create a blog using one of the main digital platforms such as WordPress. Becoming The blogger is a different kettle of fish altogether.  

#1. Find something to talk about

It all starts with a content idea. The blogger writes to share knowledge and opinions. At the beginning of your digital crusade towards blog stardom, you need to find great content ideas that you can share with your readers. Quicksprout provides some handy advice on where to look for the winning ideas. You don’t need to create something new. You can get inspired by articles that are already online and improve them to make them yours. Say you find a list of the top 7 ways to improve your SEO rankings. You can repurpose it and add 7 more ideas to the list to make it better.

#2. Hook me from the start

The first thing your readers will see about your article is its title. You need to excite their appetite to find out more with a catchy headline if you want them to read your content piece. Click bait titles are ideal to attract intrigued clicks. They rely on shocking words, such as amazing, happiest, worst, x secrets to, etc.

#3. SEO is not just for others

As a blogger, you need to keep your articles visible if you want to attract readers. Of course, there’s a promotional strategy via social media and partnership that you can deploy to reach a portion of your audience. However, you need to partner with an SEO expert to make the most of your online presence. Digital Kaizen provides simple steps to online growth. They even run a competitor analysis to help you shine.

#4. Be The new Swiss cuckoo

Bloggers need to develop regular posts so that they develop frequent touchpoints with their audience. However, there’s a line to draw when it comes to regular posting. Your readers don’t check your blog every day. Consequently, you should be developing an understanding of your audience behaviour so that you can keep posts frequency at the right level: High enough to be interesting but not too often to avoid getting overwhelming.

Swiss cuckoo clock

#5. Find your own voice

As a blogger, the information you share is only one part of what makes your blog memorable. The rest happens through the power of your blogging voice. According to quality bloggers, finding your voice is a long process that may not be finished as you post your first article. However, one day you’ll post that article, that amazing piece of writing people can relate to. That’s when your voice will have developed.

Being that blogger that everybody admires takes time. It’s a fine balance between creating the appropriate content, hooking the readers, and building up your online presence and your online personality. More importantly, you need to pick a niche topic that other bloggers have not already covered at length. Nobody wants to read old news!


  1. These are good tips, and important things to keep in mind, even though I’ve been blogging for a while. When I first started I was blogging every day, haha! So not sustainable and definitely too often – I do it 3 times a week now and that seems to be the sweet spot for me 🙂

    Hope you are having a lovely weekend! We are getting our family Santa photo done tomorrow, gotta get a move on with my Christmas cards, haha! 🙂

  2. Great tips but I struggle with SEO and titles. I do write with whatever voices I have in my head though and I try my best to be as detailed as possible, I hope that’s enough.

  3. This is exactly the advice I needed at the moment, I’ve been feeling so lost and de-motivated and was looking for some advice to get me back on track so thanks for this!

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