The 5 best ovulation apps and tools

Sometimes women love to conceive a baby, but due to the irregularity of their ovulation cycle, they are unable to conceive the baby. To make…


Sometimes women love to conceive a baby, but due to the irregularity of their ovulation cycle, they are unable to conceive the baby. To make their ovulation cycle more precise the top ovulation apps. The main reason here to use a fertility calculator is due to the irregular cycle, they are not able to produce the fertile environment to conceive sperm. There should be a certain level of PH required for the conception process in the vagina and to make intercourse successful.  The ovulation calculator is in a way one of the best ways to track your ovulation and when to conceive a baby according to your family planning.

Why do you need online apps?

You need to identify the various online apps for conceiving your baby. There is a complete process to conceive a baby as there is a complete science behind conceiving a baby. The fertilization of eggs and sperm can’t be possible without the proper PH level, as the Uterus of the mother is slightly acidic and the main sperm are alkaline in nature. The ovulation calculator makes it possible to know your fertile days.

 When the male and female partner copulates in an acidic environment do choose the sperm and this is the main reason sperm can live for more than 3 days in the Ovum. Assists to track your ovulation cycle when you are ready to conceive a baby. The alkaline nature of the sperm does encourage them to travel towards the egg which is prevailing in the acidic environment. The whole process of conception is a chemical process resulting in the form of new life.

1-Clue Period & Cycle Tracker:

Clue Period and fertility calculator are one of the best apps for the estimation of your ovulation cycle. You can estimate when am I ovulating and how I can conceive successfully.

2-Best for irregular periods:

Women in this busy life like and love to enjoy their married life, you can avoid pregnancy by using the Best for irregular periods app. The app can identify your basal body temperature and predict when you are in the best condition to conceive the baby. The ovulation calculator provides the best information regarding your period and fertile window.

3-Best for period tracking:

Women may have various lengths of the ovulation cycle. The Best for period tracking app assists to track your irregular period without any complication. Using the ovulation calendar makes it possible to track the history of your ovulation cycle. The ovulation calculator makes the information reliable regarding your period and fertile window.

4-Fertility Friend:

Women are more fertile during the fertility window when you are using the Fertility Friend, it can guide you when to copulate. If you require and desire to enjoy your sex life, without conceiving a baby. Then the fertility friendly is best for your disposal. The Fertility Friend is an app that can be used by all women, to determine if their ovulation cycle is normal or not.

5-Natural Cycles – Birth Control:

When am I ovulating the Natural Cycles – Birth Control app assists at every step? Women can track their ovulation period and fertility window by the birth control app.  You may be quite thrilled by the simple interface and the app specification. The Natural Cycles – Birth Control is the best way to track the length of your ovulation cycle.


It may be possible you get pregnant even if you are not in the mood to conceive a baby. It can be quite amazing that women can manage their married life, with the proper information then use the ovulation calculator. It can be good for their married life, sometimes couples do like to avoid pregnancy, as they are nurturing a baby. To maintain vitality in women, it is quite encouraging to have complete infarction about your ovulation cycle. Women can be infertile if their ovulation days are disturbed. The irregular days may be an indication of infection in the Uterus of women.

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