Unconventional Family Activities for a Memorable Weekend with Your Pets

Pets bring us so much joy and happiness, it’s only fitting we include them in our family activities. These out-of-the-box plans guarantee a weekend packed…


Pets bring us so much joy and happiness, it’s only fitting we include them in our family activities. These out-of-the-box plans guarantee a weekend packed with joy and affection. 

Pet Costume Parade

How much fun it is to put together an old-fashioned fancy dress parade! This is not a stroll in the park on a lazy Sunday; imagine a swarm of enthusiastic pets and family all dressed up in homemade costumes, displaying a delightful blend of creativity and chaos.

Remember, it’s not just about showcasing your furry friends; it’s a splendid opportunity for the family to get involved in creating unique, homemade costumes. You might even surprise yourself by creating a standout outfit using simple materials lying around your house.

While you’re planning, it wouldn’t hurt to consider pet insurance for dogs because, with all the excitement, there’s bound to be a few minor bumps and scrapes. Not only would you have peace of mind, but your pets would be covered too, no matter what the weekend throws their way.

Host a Paw-some Picnic

What could be better than basking in the great outdoors with a basket full of tasty treats and your beloved pets? A pet-friendly picnic is a refreshing change from the humdrum of regular meals and gives your pets a chance to enjoy the open space.

Don’t forget to pack pet-friendly snacks, specially made dog biscuits can be an exciting change for your furry friends. You might find that the kids enjoy the novelty of sharing a meal with their pets, too!

Remember to pack some toys or frisbees for a post-lunch play session. Who knew a game of fetch could spark such laughter and create unforgettable family moments?

Capture the Moment – Pet Photography Day

Capturing the perfect snapshot of your pet can feel as elusive as trying to hold onto a handful of sand, but on a lazy weekend afternoon, why not give it a shot?

You don’t need fancy equipment – just a smartphone with a camera and some willing models. The giggles will flow as you try to get your pet to sit still long enough for the photo, let alone look at the camera, and when you do manage to get that Instagram-worthy shot? The sense of accomplishment will be immense.

At the end of the day, gather everyone around and flick through the photos. They’re bound to trigger some shared laughs and create lasting memories that encapsulate the unique spirit of your pet.

Paw print Painting Extravaganza

Unleash the artist within your pet by hosting a paw print painting session. The beauty of this activity lies in its simplicity and the wacky, wonderful art pieces that result from it. All you need is some pet-friendly, washable paint, a large canvas or paper, and an excited pet ready to make their artistic debut. Your furry friends’ random paw prints will make abstract art that even Picasso would admire!

Just be prepared for a little clean-up afterward. Your pets might not understand the concept of “staying within the lines”. The mess, however, is a small price to pay for the laughter and bonding that comes with this activity.

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