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The ultimate home lift maintenance guide You wouldn’t neglect your car from regular servicing and you would not just not clean your pots and pans…


The ultimate home lift maintenance guide

You wouldn’t neglect your car from regular servicing and you would not just not clean your pots and pans after cooking. Therefore, why would you neglect your home lift from important and necessary regular maintenance?

Home lift repairs can be expensive so why not mitigate that risk completely by upkeeping simple and regular maintenance that can make sure you are reducing the potential risk of having to spend a fortune on home lift repairs?

Instead, by following the simple steps and top home lift maintenance tips, we can help guide you onto what are the best ways to avoid having to fork out on expensive repairs and instead guide you on some top tips to keep your home lift working as well as new.

As a disclaimer, if you do not have expertise within the home lift repairs industry it is worthwhile to contact a home lift repairs specialist before attempting to partake in any type of maintenance or repair because not only can there be the risk of causing more subsequent damage to your own home lift but also the risk of causing serious harm and injury to yourself and the others around you. Therefore, if you are unsure about anything, please contact a home lift repairs specialist. 

Schedule regular maintenance and cleaning

The best way to keep your home lift from falling into disrepair and causing potential safety concerns is by regular maintenance and repairs. This will allow you to ensure that your home lift is in the best working condition possible and will help to rule out any potential issues with your home lift.

While there are some simple and effective ways of performing simple maintenance tasks on your home lift, it is very difficult for the average person who has no knowledge of home lifts to attempt maintenance or repairs without the risk of damage to the home lift or injury to themselves or others around them. Thus if you are ever in any sort of doubt it is always best to contact a home lift repair company before you attempt to take action to repair the home lift yourself. 

Instead, the best option to maintain your home lift and ensure that it doesn’t break down on you is by scheduling regular maintenance with a local home repair company. By scheduling regular maintenance every 3 – 6 months you can improve your home lift so that it functions as good as new creating a smoother, safer and quicker ride for the people that need to use it.  

Make sure you also regulate and keep up to date with any issues you may encounter whilst using the home lift in between the regular maintenance visits by the professional and when they return you can provide them with a list which will pinpoint all the areas that they need to focus on. 

Follow safety rules and keep up with repairs

Home lifts can become dangerous and pose a potential threat if you do not regularly maintain them. They can pose potential safety risks to not only the user and the people around the lift but also contribute to damage to your home and the surrounding foundations. If safety standards are allowed to lapse and repairs are not up to date it can be a huge potential hazard that will also end up costing you a lot of money to repair.

We would recommend that you grab a notebook and a pen and jot down any time a repair is required. That way you can keep track of what repairs are taking place and whether they are in regulations with the current safety rules for home lifts. 

This way you can analyse whether frequent issues are occurring and also share the log with each individual repairs specialist that comes to your home whenever they are partaking in regular maintenance checks or repairs. This way no matter what repairs specialist is sent out you can quickly fill them in with the frequent issues and repairs so they know what to look at first and what to avoid first. This way you can save money on the labour costs of repair specialists and get right to the chase when repairing your home lift. 

Some easy and simple tips that are compliant with home lift safety regulations which you can follow include not overloading the weight of the lift; keeping the home lift 2 inches away from walls; keeping the home lifts door shut when not in use and never tampering with any of the safety features such as the door lock.

One of the most important safety features also includes ensuring that you do not operate the lift under any circumstance if you notice any abnormal issues when riding this includes a strange noise or an abnormal feeling when the lift is in motion.

Keeping up to date with the safety rules of your home lift as well as noting any potential issues you are experiencing with the lift in your own log book, can be a great way to help you identify issues and save you money too.


In conclusion, you should now have a good picture of the best ways to keep your home lift in the best condition possible whilst hopefully helping you save a pretty penny in the process too. 

As mentioned previously, if you have no experience with dealing with home lifts then it is best to leave the maintenance tips and repair process to the people who know best. By contacting a local home lift repairs specialist they can help advise you on the necessary steps to take in order to repair or maintain your specific home lift as every issue and stair lift is different. 

Furthermore, if you discover that your home lift is causing you frequently occurring problems then it is also recommended that you get into contact with a qualified local home lift repairs specialist. 

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