Degustabox May 2023 – Yum!

Back again with a lovely delicious Degustabox filled with new food and drink to try! Let’s see what is in the latest box. Jordans Simply…


Back again with a lovely delicious Degustabox filled with new food and drink to try! Let’s see what is in the latest box.

Jordans Simply Granola

I LOVED this. I have been having muesli for breakfast lately but this was a nice change. I put some raisins and some banana in it and it was delicious.

Highball Cocktails Italian Spritz

I’ve not tried this yet – but it’s an alcohol-free version of an Aperol Spritz. I’ve saved this and will drink it one day when we’re having a chill-out in the garden in the summer. I can’t wait! It will be like being back in Venice.

CLIF Bar Minis

I do like CLIF bars. These mini bars went straight into my bag and I ate them on the go when I was hungry. Mostly after Leo’s gymnastics class when he eats his sandwich. I’d be happy with a constant supply of these in my bag for when I get peckish.

Rubicon Sparkling Rose Lemonade, Rubicon Sparkling Passion Fruit

I already know I love Ribicon passion fruit (though mango is my favourite) but I hadn’t tried the rose one yet. It was really nice. The rose flavour was quite mild but it was very refreshing.

Flava It!

These flavour pouches are great for cooking quick meals. I used one with a stir-fry veg and rice and it made a nice healthy meal.

Olly’s – Salted Original Pretzel Thins

These went into my bag for gym too, and they were lovely. Very salty and tasty! There was actually quite a lot in the bag.

Maggie Authentic Malaysian Chilli Sauce

Ohhh I’m a bit of a wimp so I’ll have my husband try this before I do. He loves chilli sauce though so I’m sure he will eat most of it.

Mentos Fanta 4PK Multipack

I wasn’t a fan of these, they tasted like orange Calpol so it reminded me of being ill as a child. Shame because I usually love Mentos!

HIPPEAS Chickpea Puffs Salt & Vinegar Vibes

These were delicious! Again, I took them out with me for a snack on the go. The crisps were actually quite a lot bigger than I was expecting. I’d love to get some more of these!

SlooOW Stone Oven Baguette White

I love part bake bread, all warm and fresh. I’ve not had this yet but I’m keen to try it.

Hellmann’s Smokey BBQ Sauce

All hail BBQ sauce. Perfect for summer – we always have this in and love it.

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  1. This sounds like a great box. I love those Rubicon drinks as well. The chilli sauce sounds great – I’d loveee to try that! I do like a bit of spice (to a point, haha!)

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