5 ways to prep for a road trip

If you’re about to embark on a long road trip, your first thought might be ‘ugh’. But prepare right and it doesn’t have to be…


If you’re about to embark on a long road trip, your first thought might be ‘ugh’. But prepare right and it doesn’t have to be as boring as it seems!

Let’s look at how to prepare for a road trip.

5 ways to prep for a road trip

Make a playlist.

I’d say this is the most important. Playlists are essential when going on a long car journey! My boyfriend and I have different tastes in music, so the first time we had a long trip, we put some songs on the same playlist so we could both listen to it a bit before. Songs are better when you know them! We played the list on shuffle and both had songs we loved.

When going on journeys with my friends, we plan a list of cheesy pop from the 90’s and Disney songs. It’s pretty perfect. There’s nothing quite like singing Poor Unfortunate Souls from Little Mermaid down the M1 to make the time go fast!

Give your car a once over.

If you’ve not had a service for a while, now is the time to book one in. If you have, there are some simple things you can check yourself.

Check your tyre pressure and make sure the tread depth is at the legal limit. If in doubt, head over to your local Kwik Fit as they provide a free tyre service check.

Also, check your oil, screen wash, make sure you have enough fuel and if you’re travelling in cold weather, make sure you have blankets, water, phone chargers and other things you might need if you break down.

Take a card game. 

While the drive might not be able to join in, card games can be a lot of fun. Whether you go for something classic like a game of Go Fish, or something newer, like taking Cards Against Humanity. You’re sure to pass an hour quickly.

Plan stops. 

Planning where to stop is essential. I’m not sure about you, but the number of times I’ve been busting for the loo but the next service station is 30 miles away is too depressing to count.

Plan when you’re going to stop for a bit of fresh air, a walk, and food. There may even be something worth stopping for rather than just a service station. If you’re on a very long road trip, a stop for a couple of hours might be just what you need.

Plan your food. 

While crisps, chocolates and sweets might be the easiest option when going for a road trip, remember you’re going to be sat down for a long time. Do you want a sugar high when being trapped in a car?

Get yourself a food cooler and pack some light, healthier snacks. Fruit, carrot and cucumber sticks with dip and dark chocolate popcorn might be a better option than fatty, high-sugar treats. Try a meal prep delivery service to take the pressure off of having to make it yourself!


  1. Yes to making a playlist and planning stops! These are my go-to’s when it comes to planning a long drive! The music keeps me in a good mood and planning stops means I know a break is coming up soon – always a must on long drives!

    Sarah šŸ™‚
    Saloca in Wonderland

  2. These are good tips! I haven’t really done a big roadtrip to need to prepare like this but I’m keeping it in mind as eventually when the boys are bigger we will want to explore further away from home! šŸ™‚

    Hope that you are having a good week šŸ™‚ It’s Australia day today, so a public holiday which is nice šŸ™‚

  3. Great tips, Corinne! We love planning our stops and food, both are musts especially with a little one.

  4. Make food would be my number one top tip, service station food in the UK is not the best. That way when you stop you can have dessert and a coffee. Iā€™m hoping to reduce my traveling this year Lucy x

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