9 Refreshing Bedroom Updates for Spring 2023

Ad. Spring is here so it’s time to think about giving your bedroom a fresh makeover for the Spring season. With a few simple updates, you can transform your bedroom into a sanctuary full of light and colour, perfect for welcoming the warmer months.


Spring is here so it’s time to think about giving your bedroom a fresh makeover for the Spring season. With a few simple updates, you can transform your bedroom into a sanctuary full of light and colour, perfect for welcoming the warmer months.

I love making small changes to my home to reflect the seasons. Here are 10 Spring-inspired bedroom decor ideas to help you revamp your space and embrace the new season.

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One of the top bedroom update ideas for Spring 2023 is to create a serene, spa-inspired space that promotes relaxation and well-being. This can be achieved by incorporating calming colours, natural materials, and accessories like candles, diffusers, and indoor plants into your bedroom design. Opt for a calm, neutral colour scheme and high-quality bedding to create a restful space that encourages mindfulness and restorative sleep.

Choose Natural Materials

Sustainability is becoming increasingly important in interior design, so consider choosing natural materials for your Spring bedroom makeover. Opt for organic cotton or linen bedding, wooden or rattan furniture, and stone or clay decor to create an eco-friendly, organic atmosphere.

Incorporate Zen Accessories

Enhance your spa-inspired bedroom with calming accessories, such as candles, essential oil diffusers, and indoor plants. These elements not only add visual interest to your space but can also improve air quality and contribute to a sense of tranquillity.

2. Introduce Pops of Color with Dopamine Dressing

Dopamine dressing is the idea that incorporating bright colours into your space can boost positivity. It is a key trend for Spring 2023. To add a touch of vibrant energy to your bedroom, consider using bold accent colours on furniture, textiles, or artwork. This can be achieved by choosing a statement piece, such as a colourful bed frame, or by incorporating colourful throw pillows, curtains, or wall art.

Opt for Bold Furniture

Choose furniture in bright, eye-catching colours to make a statement and add visual interest to your Spring bedroom makeover. From colourful bed frames to vibrant accent chairs, there are countless ways to incorporate an unexpected pop of colour into your space.

Mix and Match Textiles

Layer your bed with colourful, patterned textiles to create a playful, maximalist vibe. Combine different patterns and textures, such as floral prints, geometric designs, and luxurious velvets, to achieve a visually rich and eclectic look.

3. Bring Nature Indoors with Biophilic Design

The Biophilic Design trend is when you focus on connecting with nature in interior design. To achieve this look, consider adding indoor plants, using natural materials, and incorporating nature-inspired hues into your bedroom decor.

Add Indoor Plants

Plants are a simple and affordable way to refresh your bedroom for Spring, while also improving air quality and bringing a sense of life to your space. Opt for low-maintenance varieties like snake plants, peace lilies, or spider plants, which are well-suited for bedroom environments.

Experiment with Nature-Inspired Color Palettes

Embrace the beauty of nature by incorporating earthy and botanical colours into your Spring bedroom makeover. Consider using shades of green, blue, and brown to create a calming and organic atmosphere.

4. Update Your Bedroom with Stylish and Functional Furniture

A Spring bedroom makeover is the perfect opportunity to invest in new furniture that not only enhances your space aesthetically but also improves functionality. Consider upgrading your bed, adding a dressing table, or incorporating additional storage solutions to create a more organized and comfortable environment.

Invest in a New Bed

A new bed can make a significant impact on both the appearance and comfort of your bedroom. Choose a bed frame that complements your personal style and meets your functional needs, such as providing additional storage or offering adjustable features for improved ergonomics.

Add a Dressing Table

With the increasing popularity of beauty and skincare routines, adding a stylish dressing table is a practical and on-trend update for your Spring bedroom. Look for designs with ample storage and a well-lit mirror to create a dedicated space for getting ready each day.

5. Create a Cozy and Inviting Atmosphere with Textured Design

Incorporating a variety of textures is a key Spring bedroom design tip for 2023, adding depth and interest to your space. Experiment with different fabrics, finishes, and materials to create a cosy and inviting environment that encourages relaxation and rejuvenation.

Layer Bedding for Maximum Comfort

Layer your bed with a variety of soft, touchable textiles to create a cosy and inviting atmosphere. Mix and match materials like cotton, linen, and velvet to add texture and visual interest to your bedroom.

Choose Textured Window Decor

Upgrade your window decor with textured curtains or blinds to add warmth and depth to your Spring bedroom makeover. Consider options like natural linen or textured sheers for a more rustic and organic look.

6. Make a Statement with Bold Art and Accents

One of the most impactful Spring-themed bedroom makeover ideas is to incorporate bold artwork and accents into your space. From oversized paintings to colourful mirrors, statement pieces can add personality and visual interest to your bedroom.

Choose Statement Artwork

Invest in large-scale artwork that captures your personal style and complements your bedroom’s colour palette. This can serve as a focal point and conversation starter, while also adding a touch of sophistication to your space.

Add Eye-Catching Mirrors

Mirrors are a functional and stylish addition to any bedroom, helping to reflect light and create the illusion of more space. For a Spring-inspired update, consider choosing mirrors with colourful frames or unique shapes.

7. Enhance Your Sleep Environment with Improved Air Quality and Lighting

A key aspect of any Spring bedroom renovation is optimising your sleep environment for better rest and relaxation. This can be achieved by focusing on improving air quality and investing in blackout curtains or adjustable lighting solutions.

Introduce Air-Purifying Plants

As mentioned earlier, indoor plants can help improve air quality and increase humidity levels in your bedroom. By incorporating air-purifying plants like snake plants, peace lilies, or spider plants, you can create a healthier and more inviting sleep environment.

Opt for Blackout Curtains or Adjustable Lighting

Invest in blackout curtains or blinds to block out unwanted light and create a more consistent sleep environment. Alternatively, consider adjustable lighting solutions, such as dimmable lamps or smart bulbs, to create a personalised and relaxing atmosphere for sleep.

8. Customise Your Space with Personal Touches

Your bedroom should be a reflection of your personality and interests, so don’t shy away from adding personal touches during your Spring bedroom makeover. Display cherished photos, display your favourite books, or incorporate sentimental items to create a space that feels uniquely yours. If you’ve been given any custom photo gifts, then here is the place to put them. We have one of our son in my room that I bought for my husband on fathers day.

Showcase Your Interests

Incorporate elements that represent your interests, such as travel souvenirs, favourite books, or meaningful artwork, to add a personal touch to your bedroom.

A gallery wall is a creative way to display your favourite photos, artwork, or personal mementoes. Experiment with various frame styles and layouts to create a unique and visually striking display.

9. Opt for Eco-Friendly and Sustainable Solutions

As sustainability becomes increasingly important, consider incorporating eco-friendly and sustainable elements into your Spring bedroom update. From upcycling furniture to choosing organic materials, there are numerous ways to create a more environmentally conscious space.

Upcycle and Repurpose Furniture

Give new life to old furniture by repainting, reupholstering, or refinishing it. This not only saves money but also reduces waste and supports a more sustainable lifestyle.

Choose Eco-Friendly Materials

Opt for bedding, furniture, and decor made from sustainable materials like organic cotton, bamboo, or reclaimed wood to minimise your environmental impact and support a healthier sleep environment.

Is your bedroom ready for Spring?

A Spring bedroom makeover is the perfect opportunity to refresh your space and incorporate the latest design trends for a revitalised, stylish, and comfortable retreat. By focusing on elements like colour, texture, eco-friendly materials, and smart technology, you can create a bedroom that not only looks great but also promotes relaxation and well-being. Happy decorating!

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  1. Enhancing your sleep environment is so important for your sleep quality and health – and I love these bedroom update ideas for 2023. Thank you for sharing 🙂

  2. We’re focusing on the downstairs of our house this year – that is we’re getting the kitchen repainted, living room freshened up and hall re-done. We might even tackle the W/C under the stairs. Next year we can start on the office and bedrooms again.

  3. Ours is still pretty undecorated – just plain neutral walls, and no curtains and I’ve lived here for years. Love some of these ideas, but need to seriously declutter and find storage first.

  4. This post has come at the right time. I have already have a move around but looking to add some bits and pieces. I have also brought vacuum bags for under the bed clothing storage. I love giving my room a spring lift. I already have a black out blind and it is so helpful. Thank you for sharing your other tips.

    Lauren x

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