March Degustabox 2023

Ad. This month seems to have flown by! I feel like I always say that. I’m sat in bed writing this with Covid. It took…


Ad. This month seems to have flown by! I feel like I always say that. I’m sat in bed writing this with Covid. It took 3 years and I’ve finally been hit with it. Gosh, it is awful. I have a massive headache and keep getting waves of nausea. I’d love to just lay in bed or on the sofa and binge-watch some TV shows. But you know, toddler, job, life. So the show must go on.

Let’s take a look inside the latest Degustabox.

Bounce Maple Pecan Cashew Protein Ball

I love Bounce balls. I’ve tried so many over the years. These aren’t a regular purchase for me as they’re quite expensive – usually about £2 for a ball. But it’s something I would grab on occasion.

Crunchy Nut Salted Caramel Flavour Twist

Crunchy nut cornflakes are one of my favourite cereals. Though I do tend to get the supermarket version of them because branded cereal is just insane.

These didn’t last long in our house between me and my husband. They were delicious.

Good Earth Passionfruit & Orange tea

I wish I liked Herbal Tea but I just don’t. I always think it smells nice but tastes so bitter. So sadly this won’t get used. My husband does drink it from time to time so may be he can make use of it.

Maille Dijon Mustard

This is another regular inside Degustabox but it always gets used in our house! My husband loves mustard.

Mutti Rossoro Tomato Pasta Sauce with Parmigianno Reggiano

This looks lush! We will probably use this in a pasta bake at some point. We love to do pasta bakes to use up any veg we have in the fridge. It’s a cheap meal that can be made healthy if you add lots of veg. Then made unhealthy again by adding lots of cheese. Ahh, sweet balance.

SXOLLIE Golden Delicious xider

I don’t drink, so my lucky husband got this one. He really liked it and he’s really picky with cider.

Get More Vits Mango & Passionfruit Vitamin D drink, Apple & Raspberry B Vits drink

Always nice to have added vitamins to drinks. I found this refreshing and was nice to have after doing some yoga. I usually just drink water and this was nice ice cold from the fridge.

Nescafé Gold Blend Refill

Caffeine triggers my vertigo so I don’t drink it. But we have Gold Blend in still as my husband drinks it and it’s what I had before I went caffeine free. It’s a lovely smooth coffee and I miss it! Coffee is really expensive so it’s nice to have this ready to refill our current jar when it’s empty.

Knorr Beef Stock Pot

We have piles for this from Degustabox. We do use them and have always enjoyed what we make with them. I fancy a stew now!

Fruittella Strawberry Multipack

I love Fruittella, no idea why I don’t buy them more. Chewy sweets are fantastic!

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