Degustabox February 2023

Are you ready to see what was in the February Degustabox? The first time I worked with Degustabox was in February 2014, which means I’ve…


Are you ready to see what was in the February Degustabox? The first time I worked with Degustabox was in February 2014, which means I’ve been getting these boxes for 9 years now! How amazing.

Let’s see what food and drink this box had to offer.

Super Seedy & Nutty Gut-Loving Porridge Pot

This was really nice, I put some honey in it to sweeten it and enjoyed it on a cold morning. I love porridge pots like this, they’re just so simple to use. I’d probably buy similar to eat every day if it wasn’t for the plastic waste!

Blood Orange & Mango Infused Sparkling Water, Cucumber, Mint & Lime Infused Sparkling Water

As someone who doesn’t drink alcohol, these refreshing drinks are something I loved trying out! It’s nice to have a bit of posh pop!


I used to love having beans and sausages when I was little. It felt like such a treat so I was excited to try these. Leo is a fussy eater, but he eats beans so I wondered if he would like them. Sadly, he rejected them! They do taste exactly like normal beans and sausages though, you cannot tell the difference.

I’ve not tried the soup yet but I’m sure I won’t be disappointed, you can’t go wrong with soup, can you?

Simply Roasted Sea Salt

These were a nice alternative to the normal crisps we eat. Very salty and morish!

Tilda Golden Vegetable rice

I had this as a quick meal with some chilli mayo and it was delicious. I love this type of rice, I usually buy it dry in the packets but this was easier to do in the microwave rather than on the hob!

B. INK Red Blend 187ml

I don’t drink so my husband drank this and enjoyed it 🙂

Zest Vegan Pasta Sauces

I’ve not tried this yet, but it looks interesting for sure. We eat pasta quite a lot s I’m sure we will try it soon!

Zingy Chilli Boost Hot

I’m a bit afraid of this as I’m a wimp when it comes to heat, I’ll have to just add a small amount and hope for the best haha. I’ve tried Very Lazy jars lots of times before and really like being able to just put stuff straight into the pan rather than chop. Also chopping chillis is a nightmare if you touch your eyes!

KitKat 2 Finger Caramel

Yessss KitKats! Degustabox has brought back my love for KitKats. These are delicious, though I still think I prefer the orange ones!

Nescafé Azera Americano 75g

I can’t drink this because coffee triggers my veritgo, so I’m on a de-caf only diet. But my husband enjoys this!

Remember you can get £3 off your own Degustabox with the discount code: P1B7T!

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  1. It’s such an amazing milestone to have partnered with a brand for so long! I always enjoy checking out your degustabox hauls, the Aqua Libra drinks sound delicious! x

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