How To Prepare for Extreme Winter Weather for First Time Jeep Owners

Ad. If you own a Jeep, you need to take some precautions and prepare your vehicle for the harsh winter weather you are likely to encounter.


If you own a Jeep, you need to take some precautions and prepare your vehicle for the harsh winter weather you are likely to encounter. As you search for parts for Jeep Wrangler, consider these preparation tips and upgrades to keep you and your Jeep safe this winter.

Replace Your Top

During the summer months, you probably enjoyed the freedom and ease of a soft top, but the winter demands a sturdier, more secure top. Therefore, replace your soft top with a high-quality hard top this winter. You need to have a solid seal that prevents snow, water and ice from entering your Jeep, but it should also keep the cold out.

Before you install your hardtop, make sure it doesn’t have any cracks or other damage, especially in the seal. If your heater has run continuously, your fuel efficiency will suffer, so replace any old or damaged weather stripping.

Add a Grille Guard

You can get a high-quality grille guard without paying a fortune for it. In fact, these safety tools are relatively inexpensive. However, their added protection cannot be understated. They add a layer of protection from animals on the road, head-on collisions or other incidents. You can protect yourself and your jeep from winter damage with this low-cost upgrade.

Tires Prepared for Any Terrain

As the roads get snowy and icy, you will need a good set of all-weather, snow or Off-road tires. Your tires and their quality determine whether your vehicle gets good traction in bad weather and in difficult terrain. If you don’t change to snow tires, make sure your tread is not worn and your tires aren’t damaged. Check their inflation level or air pressure.

Upgrade Your Jeep Armor

If you plan to do any off-roading this winter, consider adding or upgrading your Jeep armor. These products protect your driveline and body components that may be vulnerable to damage when you leave the road.

For example, you can replace your factory side steps with steel rocker panels. Upgrade your differential covers and install reinforced skid plates over your Jeep’s vulnerabilities, such as the gas tank, transmission, steering mechanisms and oil pan.

Conduct General Maintenance Checkups

You should conduct general maintenance on your vehicle before the start of winter. For example, make sure your oil doesn’t need changed, have your heater checked, add antifreeze to your radiator and check or replace your windshield wipers. You should also have your battery and lights checked.

Prepare an Emergency Kit

If you plan to drive your Jeep during the winter, especially if you will be off-roading, you need an emergency kit. You never know if you will get stuck somewhere. Therefore, pick up a bin that will keep your emergency supplies dry.

Then, add a first aid kit, water, flashlight and batteries, jumper cables, tools, rubbing alcohol, oil, antifreeze, nonperishable foods, extra clothing, especially socks, and a pair of boots. You should also have extra gloves, a blanket, an emergency radio, a candle, matches and walkie-talkies. Add cat litter and/or pieces of old carpet that you can use to gain traction if you are stuck.

You can also customize your Jeep for the winter, such as adding 8×6.5 rims, but remember the purpose is to improve your safety.

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