Nature First: How Plants In The Home Can Change Your Life

Take a look around the average home. What do you notice?  Usually, it’s the conspicuous absence of plants. People have furniture, electronics, tapestries, tiles, and…


Take a look around the average home. What do you notice? 

Usually, it’s the conspicuous absence of plants. People have furniture, electronics, tapestries, tiles, and antiques, but nature is nowhere to be seen. 

And that’s a problem. It turns out that including more plants in your home can have a profound impact on your life. It changes how you feel in critical ways and makes you happier about your setting

This post takes a look at all the ways having indoor plants can change your life for the better. Here’s what you need to know. 

It Boosts Your Mood

Spending all day indoors isn’t good for the soul. Sure, it protects you from the sun and rain, but it doesn’t always make you feel good.

That’s why adding plants to your environment can help a great deal. A little greenery can boost your mood significantly. Plants make you feel much more relaxed and happy. They regulate and elevate your mood, changing how you feel. They also bring positive vibes to your interiors and stop everything from feeling artificial. 

It Improves Recovery

Being at home sick isn’t a lot of fun. However, research indicates that plants might improve recovery. They may help ailing people get better faster. 

Good plants for convalescence include aloe, basil, and mint. Any plants that emit a fresh aroma are also a good idea to include. 

It Purifies The Air

Putting plants in your home may also help to purify the air and reduce indoor air pollution. Plants collect pollutants in their tissues and sometimes process them, rendering them harmless. You may be able to capture all sorts of nasty particles and immediately feel better. 

It Reduces Noise

It’s hard to imagine that some humble plant pots could reduce noise pollution, but they can. It all comes down to their shape. Plants take the energy out of sound waves, particularly high-frequency noises you find most often in the city. 

Reducing noise pollution is essential. That’s because it can impose a high toll on city-dwellers. It may affect sleep, stress levels, and many other factors. 

It Keeps Your Interiors Cool

Have you ever noticed it is cooler in a forest than in the surrounding land? That’s because plants are great at keeping everything cool. Their leaves help to shield your property from incoming light, reducing the amount of radiation that winds up as heat in your home. Remember, plants use sunshine energy and convert it into chemical energy. Since energy can never be created or destroyed, this reduces the total amount of heat in your rooms. Placing large plants with big leaves under skylights is an excellent way to reduce warming. 

It Improves Oxygen Levels

Lastly, adding plants to your interiors can improve oxygen levels significantly. Plants convert carbon dioxide into the gas you breathe. This makes them a great option for homes that lack proper ventilation or when you have cold weather and you want to reduce air exchange. Plants can detoxify the interior environment, leaving it smelling fresh and clean.

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