The 2022 Degustabox Advent Calendar

Ad. I managed to get hold of the Degustabox Advent Calendar again this year! Hurrah! I really enjoyed opening it last year. Though this year…


Ad. I managed to get hold of the Degustabox Advent Calendar again this year! Hurrah! I really enjoyed opening it last year. Though this year I opened it all early so I could take photos and prepare this post ahead of time.

Let’s see what was inside.

Inside the 2022 Degustabox Advent Calendar

Montezuma’s Chocolate Milk Chocolate Buttons

These were delicious and didn’t list long in this house.

Dorset Cereals Ultimate Fruit and Nut Muesli Crunch

This was just a single serving size. It was nice enough but not my favourite thing in the calendar.

Well&Truly Oat M&lk Chocolate

I could have done with some more of this. It’s delicious and 100% plant based!

La Baleine Coarse Sea Salt Box 450g

It’s salt. What else is there to say!

Knorr Chicken Gravy Pot

Glad to have more of these as we use them quite often. My only quibble with this product is the amount of packaging/waste.

Love Raw Nutty Choc Balls

These were amazing! Tasted like Ferrero Rochers! One of my favourite things in the box.

Nicks Nut bar Almond crunch

This was nice as a bit of a snack in the afternoon.

Terry’s Chocolate Orange Crispy Oranges

Loved this! Terry’s chocolate orange is one of my favourite things to have around Christmas.

FULFIL Chocolate Salted Caramel Vitamin and Protein bar

This tasted like a chocolate bar, I loved it!

Bounce Energy Ball

I love Bounce balls and these were no exception.

Ricola Honey Lemon Echinacea

I’ve never had these before but they were tasty! I would buy them again.

Filippo Berio Basil Pasta Sauce

Love having pasta sauce in the cupboard for quick meals when you need to go shopping!

Maretti Oven Baked Bruschette Chips

We’ve not had these yet but will over Christmas.

Rosemary Nut Mix – Belazu

These were delicious – packed full of flavour.

Treat Kitchen Good Egg Message Bottle

My husband is a big fan of jely sweets so was desperate to open these!

Clearspring Organic Seaveg Crispies Original

I’m not a fan of these but my hubby loves them.

Cadbury Christmas Puds

Yesss! I loved these chocolate balls. Shame I had to give one to hubby!

Gunna Ginger Rebel – Ginger Lemonade

Another one for the husband as I can’t drink ginger since being pregnant! Makes me feel sick.

Hellmann’s Gravy Mayonnaise 250ml

I’m not going to lie, I cannot bring myself to try this!

Rootles Milk Chocolate Carrot Biscuits and Rootles White Chocolate Beetroot Biscuits

These were my least favourite thing. They didn’t taste sweet at all, just a bit savoury and bitter?

Definitely Decaf pyramid Bean Bag

I’ve put this in my bag as I only drink decaf, so it’s handy to take out with me incase I go somewhere that only has caffeinated coffee.

Yogi Tea® Christmas Tea Organic

I’ll be giving this to a friend who loves tea because I don’t!

Double Dutch Cucumber Margarita with Chilli Soda

This will be another one for my husband to drink over the holidays with some alcohol as I don’t drink.

I loved this years advent calendar. So many chocolates and sweets! The best!

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  1. These look yummy, and what a cool collection of items. I can see some good snacks that would be good to have when working from home.

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