5 Fundamental Tips To Make Moving House A Breeze’

The thought of leaving your old home and starting anew in a new place is sure to make you feel nervous and unsure. Moving house…


The thought of leaving your old home and starting anew in a new place is sure to make you feel nervous and unsure. Moving house isn’t just about leaving where you’ve lived for the past several years, but it also involves meeting new people, getting used to a different neighbourhood, and, most importantly, making changes in your life that will allow you to live more comfortably in your new surroundings.  Not to mention the stressful, chaotic event that is the move itself. However, as stressful as moving house can be for some people, you can do many little things to make the experience easier for yourself. Here are five simple ways that you can make moving house easier!

Organise Before You Move

The sooner you start organising your things and getting your house in order, the sooner you will find yourself feeling more relaxed and less stressed about the whole moving experience.  Make a list of your belongings and their respective locations throughout the house, and then begin to take inventory of everything you own. This will allow you to both make sure that you are taking all the necessary items with you and also to make sure that you are leaving some unwanted things behind that the new owners can make use of.

Pack Smart

One essential thing to remember when moving is to pack smart.  First of all, make sure you don’t overpack.  This is particularly important when you’re moving to a new city so that you don’t have to take up as much space in the car. When you’re packing, you want to ensure that you’re not filling your boxes too full but that you’re packing items that are easy to access when you need them. You also want to pack as much neatly as possible so that it’s easier to find things once you start moving. If you have to unpack everything out of each box and organise it once you get to your new home, you’ll waste a great deal of time. 

Don’t Forget To Eat And Drink

It can be easy to forget about all the small things when you are super busy trying to get ready to move house, but it is essential to remember that moving homes can be very tiring, both physically and mentally. It can be easy to forget to eat or drink enough while getting all your belongings in order and packed up, but this is a mistake you don’t want to make! Eat a good breakfast before you begin getting your things ready to move, and drink plenty of water throughout the day to help to keep yourself hydrated. It is essential to be as well-hydrated as possible while you are moving, as being dehydrated can cause you to feel tired, move slower, and have an increased tendency to make mistakes.

Get Help With The Move

The last thing you want to do is try to make all these changes yourself, as this can be extremely difficult and can result in significant stress for you. The best way to make sure you make the most of your move is to get help. You can ask your friends to help you pack, and you can contact services specialising in home removals to move your things to your new home.  

Be Smart About Storage

The last thing you want to do when moving house is forget about anything related to storage. Make sure that you have a plan for what you will do with your extra things, and make sure that you have somewhere to store them before you leave your old home. Most people will want to ensure they are keeping their possessions somewhere safe and secure. If you are moving to a new neighbourhood, consider renting a self-storage unit while still living in your old home. If you don’t want to put all of your things away in a storage unit, then you might want to consider dropping them off at a friend or family member’s house until you have a chance to find somewhere more permanent.


Moving house is a significant life event that can be filled with stress and anxiety for both the person moving and their family members. The best way to ease that stress is to prepare for it by ensuring that you are organised. Be sure to eat a good breakfast, drink plenty of water, and get plenty of rest before you begin getting your things ready to move.

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