The best flooring choice for your new home

AD| Whether you have a new home, or you want to upgrade the floors in your current home, you might be wondering what is theā€¦


Whether you have a new home, or you want to upgrade the floors in your current home, you might be wondering what is the best flooring choice for you.

When we move into our Persimmon new build, we had to get flooring throughout the entire house. It’s such an overwhelming task to decide on your flooring there are so many different types and it can get expensive.

In the end, we decided to get our flooring done as an extra through Persimmon. This meant we had limited choices but at least it was dealt with and the price wasn’t too bad. The plan was always to upgrade at a later date!

Now we have lived here for over three years, the cat has really done a number on a few areas of our carpets and we are considering upgrading to a hard floor. I just love the look of a wooden floor with a massive, cosy rug in the middle of the room.

Although we’re not going to upgrade just yet as we need to wait for our baby to be comfortable walking so he’s got a bit of cushion if he falls, I’ve already started looking into the next flooring choice for my home.

home flooring choices

We currently have vinyl flooring in our kitchen, utility room and bathrooms. This works fine at the moment, but vinyl flooring can vary in quality and you can tell our flooring is cheap. To be honest, everything that Persimmon do is cheap. But that’s a story for another blog post! When we get new flooring for our home, I want it to be great quality and to last us a long time. I’m happy to spend more on something that will last us much longer.

I’ve been looking into SPC flooring, which is overtaking vinyl flooring in popularity. Never heard of SPC flooring before? Neither had I. Here’s a bit of information about it.

What is SPC flooring?

So, what exactly is SPC vinyl? SPC stands for Stone Plastic Composite. It’s made from four different layers – a wear layer, a vinyl layer, an SPC layer and an underlay. It looks like engineered wood flooring and is actually considered an upgrade to this.

Benefits of SPC

There are a few benefits to SPC flooring and these give them the edge over LVT (luxury vinyl tiles) flooring. SPC is becoming a more popular flooring choice for the following reasons:

SPC flooring is 100% waterproof. This means they’re ideal to install in any room, including those with a lot of moisture.

They’re easy to install and you can get SPC flooring that has snap installation. Pre-attached underlays make SPC flooring even quicker to install.

SPC flooring is cheaper than engineered wood, they’re low maintenance and have a long life span. Even though it is more expensive than vinyl, it will last longer so be cheaper in the long run.

There are hundreds of designs to choose from to suit all tastes. Some are made to look like real wood, while others feature a stone or tile effect.

My favourite styles of flooring

Stories Flooring have some stunning flooring, I wanted to share some styles that I would love to have in my house.

Living room:

I love this Bentley Townhouse Parquet SPC flooring. I’ve been loving the look of parquet flooring lately, I know this is a bit of a current trend but I still hope that it’s going in a few years so I can get my hands on some!


My current kitchen is grey and I hate it! I picked it all when Mrs Hinch first came out and I was really influenced. But now I cannot stand all grey homes! This is my biggest regret in the house. I wish I had picked wooden work tops and cream cabinets rather than dark grey and white, along with a wooden coloured floor! But oh well, we live and learn.

It’s save to say that our next kitchen flooring will not be grey! I would like a lovely wood floor such as this one.


In the bedroom I would go for something like this – a rich walnut wooden floor. I would like the room to be quite dark and cosy. Imagine a bit of a dark academia aesthetic!


I’d like something a bit different in the bathroom so would go for something similar to this black flooring. I also really like those patterned style tiles but I’m conscious that it’s a fad that may not last forever. I’d rather keep the flooring choices in styles that are timeless, especially as we do not plan to live here forever. It will help when we resell.

You can also visit Stories Flooring’s LVT section to look at their luxury vinyl tiles. There’s lots fo choose from!

What’s your favourite style of home flooring?


  1. If we were changing the flooring in our new home we’d definitely go for something like this. We’re quite lucky in the sense that the majority of our new house is already ‘done’ but I love the look of wood effect. Sometimes I find laminate can bow or become uneven quite easily so vinyl is a great alternative.


  2. Okay, wow. I did not know there is so many different types of flooring, I just know of carpet and tiles. This is a great post for the Do it yourselvers

  3. I don’t have a home yet but these are great choices and would get them for our new home. Great flooring options!

  4. We have tiles in our kitchen and utility which I love, but vinyl in our bathroom which I’d definitely consider upgrading at some point in the future!
    Amy x

  5. Oh wow, I have floor envy that you get to choose new floors for your house! I don’t own yet but I’m obsessed with kitchens and floors and whenever I look at ‘dream houses I can’t afford’ it’s the floors I’m really looking at! I absolutely LOVE the Townhouse Parquet and can’t wait until you’re ready to make the changes and share the journey here!

  6. Great post, very informative.

    We currently have mostly vinyl floors and it’s so handy to clean up mess with the little one. I would have no carpets at all if I could.

    This flooring looks a lot better than ours. More expensive and homely looking.

  7. Yes, i agree spending little more money on quality thing is far better than saving and on low quality items you save money once but you need to spend on them over and over again like repair/ maintenance issues arise too early.

  8. This was such an interesting read! I had never heard of SPC flooring, but they sound like a great kind of flooring for rooms that get used a lot and the look is amazing! We are going to do some renovations back at home, so this will be helpful to know x

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