How To Maximise The Space In Your Garage

AD| Since the start of the pandemic a couple of years ago, people have been spending more time at home both by necessity and by…


AD| Since the start of the pandemic a couple of years ago, people have been spending more time at home both by necessity and by choice. Even now, with pandemic restrictions easing up in many areas, a significant chunk of the population still prefers to stay at home after experiencing the convenience and benefits they can get from this arrangement. 

According to the Pew Research Center, almost 60% of workers in the US are continuing to work from home as of February. This is happening despite having operational office spaces because people have realized how much time and expenses are saved when they stay home.

However, this poses another challenge to many homeowners: having enough space for the family to move around freely and comfortably. Before the pandemic, most family members would spend the day outside going to school and work or socializing with friends and gather at home at night. Thus, space was not as much an issue as it is now.

Given the current circumstances, it is always a good idea to find ways to maximize spaces in your house that are not being utilized to their full capacity, such as your garage. Whether you intend to convert it as your home office or simply as an additional storage space, here are five tips to maximize the space in your garage:

1. Don’t Forget Your Space Planning

Before buying anything or moving things around, you need to have a clear vision of what you want to do, how much space you need, and what items will be placed in the area. Make a more thorough plan by inspecting all your rooms and having an overall outline for the whole house, not just the garage.

By planning for the whole house, you will have a better idea of what furniture and appliances you would be transferring to the garage and how much space you need to create to accommodate all your stuff. This would prevent you from making measurement errors and buying materials that are too big or too small for your actual needs. 

2. Make A Detailed Inventory

List down all the items that will be placed in the garage with their corresponding measurements. Then categorize them according to use or storage requirement, with heavier stuff placed on lower racks while lighter items can be placed on shelves or drawers. 

Storage for home and lawn maintenance tools, sports and recreational equipment, and other machines and gadgets must be prepared in advance. Aside from being bulky, they can also deteriorate quickly if not stored properly. They can also cause accidents if kids are able to access them and use them unknowingly. 

3. Use Overhead Storage Spaces

Unless you have a spacious garage, the floor area would not be enough to accommodate everything you need to store or use. Or you can force fit everything in, but the space will end up looking cluttered and unorganized, and probably with pieces falling off from time to time. 

Thus, when thinking of storage spaces, do not limit yourself to just your garage floor. Use all the walls, including the ceiling and your garage door. Look for sturdy overhead garage storage that can accommodate your stuff safely while keeping your floor free of mess and clutter. 

4. Consider Installing Pegboards And Slat Boards

Aside from hanging cabinets and overhead storage spaces, you can also make use of wall mounts like pegboards and hooks for your garage. These can be utilized for hanging small tools like wrenches and screwdrivers. Or, if you want to go for a cozy feel, you can hang some indoor plants and small accessories like a wall mirror. 

You may also install hooks on your ceiling, which can be used to carry lightweight items that you don’t regularly use, like holiday decor or camping gear. Just make sure you are not blocking the lights or the garage door when the items are stored. 

5. Expand Your Parking Space

If all these installations and storage materials eat up the space for your car, consider adding an automotive storage lift. A retractable storage lift is particularly useful if you have more than one vehicle but don’t have enough space left for all of them in your garage. 

Although this may be a bit on the expensive side, consider it a worthwhile investment that would keep your vehicle safe from damaging weather conditions if kept outside the whole year round. At the same time, it enables you to maximize your property which comes at a much higher cost to buy and maintain. 

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