5 Insanely Beautiful Babymoon Destinations

Ad. There is always something special about going on vacation, but a babymoon is a whole other experience. A babymoon is a vacation for soon-to-be…


Ad. There is always something special about going on vacation, but a babymoon is a whole other experience. A babymoon is a vacation for soon-to-be parents before having their child. More and more couples are going on babymoons before welcoming their little one into the world to experience that quality time just them. This is a magical moment and experience for a couple, because it is a time to connect, bond and have fun with one another. 

Particularly for first-time parents it will be the last time it will really just be the 2 of them in this world, so to go and celebrate one another and this chapter of life is pretty incredible. It can look different for every couple, whether it be centered around pure relaxation, adventure and fun to explore somewhere you’ve always wanted to, or a combination of all the above. 

Here are 5 babymoon destinations that are insanely beautiful and make for the perfect backdrop: 

1) Blue Lagoon, Iceland 

If you love to soak in hot springs and enjoy going to spas, you’ll love Blue Lagoon. The geothermal seawater at the Blue Lagoon has mineral-rich water that is healing for your joints and skin, not to mention relaxing! There is the attached hotel and the Lava Cove hidden spa, so if you stay here you can simply pop back and forth between the Blue Lagoon and your accommodations and avoid any travel time shifting you out of that relaxed state. 

2) Maldives 

If you want a honeymoon that offers luxury at every turn, you’ll definitely want to consider the Maldives. It is further from the U.S. so you want to consider this before booking, but if the mama to be up is feeling well and can travel, there is privacy, beautiful views and transparent water, and relaxing activities like prenatal yoga and massages awaiting in the Maldives.

3) French Polynesia

If you love the idea of staying in a bungalow on the water, French Polynesia is a beautiful destination for a babymoon. The beaches are lined with palm trees, you can hike to waterfalls, snorkel and spend time in the beautiful turquoise waters, and pop between islands such as Tahiti and Moorea. 

4) Maui, Hawaii

Hawaii is a sought after destination to visit in the states, and Maui is an island that exudes romance. It is even a popular honeymoon destination! With its tropical setting and natural beauty everywhere you look, sandy beaches, colorful sunsets, and delicious food, it is somewhere you can go to relax and also explore. Relax along Ka’anapali Beach, stroll through Lahaina, and cozy up wherever you want to peel off and enjoy the beauty of Maui. There are plenty of beautiful accommodations here to choose from, including luxury hotels where you can simply stay and not worry about leaving the hotel.  

5) Bahamas

The Bahamas are a beautiful spot to go to where you can spend time on the beaches and experience pure relaxation. If you go to Andros, one of the islands, you can experience the barrier reef and if you go to Nassau, you can stay at Atlantis Paradise Island’s The Cove for a great rejuvenating trip full of dining, golf, and time at the Mandara Spa.  

Where would you go on a babymoon? Do you love the idea of any of these 5 destinations or is there another destination you’re dreaming of?

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