Top 7 Things I’m Looking Forward to in Retirement

AD| As we are getting closer to retirement, it is natural to start looking back on our lives and think about what we are looking…


AD| As we are getting closer to retirement, it is natural to start looking back on our lives and think about what we are looking forward to the most in retirement. Although I still have a long time before I retire, I find thinking about it helps me stay motivated to plan financially for my retirement.

I am also looking forward to being able to do things that I couldn’t do before because of my job.

1. Spending more time with family

I am looking forward to spending more time with my grandkids (if I have them) and other members of my family. This is the time to really enjoy those relationships and connect with the important people in your life.

2. Traveling the world & exploring new places

The world is a big place, and there are so many amazing places to explore. It is a shame that we don’t have enough time in our lives to see them all.

During retirement, you have more freedom than ever before. My parents are retired and go on several holidays a year. They can go when they please without needing to plan around work!

There are so many places I want to go and experience all around the world.

3. Trying out new hobbies like painting and cooking

There are many benefits of exploring new hobbies like painting and cooking, especially when you are older. I believe it’s so important to keep your brain active and learn new things.

4. Playing the piano

I love playing the piano, but I don’t always get the time I need to practice. When I retire I’ll be able to spend a lot of time playing the piano and I can’t wait! I cannot wait to see how my playing will have improved by then and it will be so satisfying to sit and enjoy music. Now I practice while Leo is in bed and I’m always on edge that he will wake up.

5. Appreciating the simple things in life

You may have many things you want to achieve during your retirement, but you still need to make time for enjoying the simple things like enjoying a glass of wine from with dinner and relaxing on an evening. Sometimes there’s nothing better than being still and having a slow day without worrying about needing to be anywhere.

6. Getting extra help

I hope to be in a good position financially where I can afford to get help in certain areas of my life, such as having a cleaner once a week so I can enjoy my free time and use my energy on things that make me happy rather than cleaning. I’d also use services like if I needed to.

7. Learn more

As well as trying hobbies, I also want to learn new things, listening to podcasts and documentaries about topics that interest me. I love getting lost on the internet, I often find myself on Wikipedia interested in new topics and before I know it I’m reading all about rig mat construction or something! I do recall one afternoon when I spent a few hours learning about the praying mantis.

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