5 Of The Best Ways To Add Value To Your Home

It’s fair to say that there are countless different reasons why you might want to undertake work that can add value to your home. Maybe…


It’s fair to say that there are countless different reasons why you might want to undertake work that can add value to your home. Maybe you would like to sell your property and subsequently would like to achieve the best possible price, or perhaps you would like to improve your current surroundings by creating a more inviting and functional family environment. Fortunately, reaching your goal by adding masses of value to your home doesn’t have to be as tricky as you might initially imagine, as there are so many amazing tips and recommendations that you can utilise today to improve your home in no time at all. This guide contains 5 of the most effective ideas that you can make the most of to start the most successful home transformation today, helping you to boost the value of your property before you know it. So, what are you waiting for? Read on to find out more now!

Add A Whole New Room By Building An Extension Or A Conservatory 

Most homeowners will happily admit that they would benefit dramatically from having more space, whether you have a family home or even if you live alone. The most simple solution that can increase your available space in record time while also boosting your home’s value, is to build an extension or conservatory. It’s so easy to build an entire new room that you can use for countless different purposes, and adding an extension to your home will certainly up the price tag. You can use your new extension as a home cinema, an extra bedroom, or even as a relaxation room filled with comfort seating and soft lighting; it’s totally up to you! If you want to, you can even take the opportunity to build a 2 storey extension to have a large volume of extra space. Of course it’s worth noting that this will cost a little more money to achieve, however it’s all relative as it will add more value too. 

A conservatory is different to a regular extension, as it utilises a lot more glass than brick to let in lots of light. These glass walls make it the perfect space to immerse yourself in nature without actually having to go outside – you can sit down on the sofa with a blanket in your warm and cosy conservatory, watching as the snow falls down around you like a winter wonderland! Conservatories can also become a little paradise for plant lovers and gardeners alike, as you can use your conservatory as a place to grow tropical plants during the summer. Plants will thrive in your conservatory thanks to the greenhouse-like nature of such an addition, so you can grow all kinds of greenery (including herbs!). No matter what type of extension you build, as long as you are increasing your square footage, you will be near instantly boosting your home’s value at the same time. 

Build Some En-Suites To Help Upgrade Your Bedrooms

Another brilliant option that you can explore to add value to your home is the idea of upgrading your bedrooms with additional en-suites. En-suites are basically small private bathrooms that are directly attached to a bedroom, and they are ideal for guest rooms, family homes and so much more. It’s fair to say that most modern home buyers will actually expect en-suites as a standard when they are searching for a new property, so it’s definitely something that can help to put your property head and shoulders above other available properties in your neighbourhood! 

You don’t need to have masses of space to build a brilliant en-suite, as most of the time, you can transform another space, such as a walk-in wardrobe, into the perfect private bathroom. En-suites usually feature showers rather than baths or may even have nothing more than a toilet and sink. This is often due to the aforementioned size constraints, so it’s totally your choice if you have the space available and would like to add a bath to your new bathroom design! Alternatively, you can consider installing a Sanicompact toilet, which is a compact and efficient toilet system that combines the toilet and macerator pump in one unit. It’s a great option for en-suites with limited space as it eliminates the need for a separate macerator unit and allows you to have a functional toilet in a smaller area. It’s always a good idea to try and pick a neutral design that doesn’t particularly stand out, as this way you can easily personalise the space with accessories and decor instead. Choosing a neutral en-suite design will help you to attract a buyer if you’re looking to sell your home, as they’ll be able to personalize it to suit their own preferences too.

Make A Splash With Your Own Indoor Or Outdoor Pool 

If you have a big budget to spend and subsequently want to add masses of value to your property, then making the decision to build your own indoor or outdoor pool is one of the most amazing options to explore today. The type of swimming pool that you build will depend on the amount of space that you have either inside or outside of your home, as well as the surrounding environment (there’s no use building a pool if your garden is marshy – it needs strong and sturdy surroundings). 

The perfect location for an indoor pool is an empty basement that currently isn’t serving any real purpose. You’ll need to have a window or some kind of ventilation to stop the space from becoming too damp, as well as using tiles and waterproof paint to cover the walls, floor and ceiling if you opt for an indoor pool. It’s also probably a good idea to create a shower space with clean, non-chlorinated water so that you and any guests can rinse off after taking a dip. 

When it comes to building an outside pool for your property, then you should take the time to understand that things are a little different. First off, you’re going to need to decide whether you want to have a covered pool or an open pool. A covered pool is mostly protected from the sun and other weather, as well as reducing the likelihood of any bugs and debris that might fly into your garden reaching your pool. Alternatively, an open pool is totally immersed in nature with no walls or roof, meaning you can jump straight in. Think about the weather in your local area, the chance of falling victim to pests, and your budget – each of these factors will influence whether you choose an indoor or outdoor pool. You should also consider what type of swimming pool you would like to build, as you can choose between ideas such as plunge pools to circular pools and even an infinity pool if you live in the right surroundings! 

Take In The Stunning Views With Your Own Private Balcony

If your home is surrounded by beautiful views, then why not take the opportunity to make the most of them by building your own private balcony attached to your bedroom or dressing room! A new balcony can act as the ideal space to sip your morning coffee and listen to the birds sing as you wake up, or you can even use your balcony as a place to enjoy a refreshing glass of wine on a warm summer’s evening as the sun goes down. Building your own balcony is such an effective way to add value to your property, especially if you live amongst nature. A balcony can also help to let more light into your home thanks to the larger glass doors compared with the normal sized windows they tend to replace, so it’s an option that has many benefits. Finding out which balustrade material to choose for your balcony will help you to maximise light, and there’s so much inspiration online that you can make the most of designing a beautiful, purpose built balcony where you can chill out for hours on end. 

Upgrading & Modernising Your Kitchen Space 

Lastly, why not consider updating and modernising your kitchen if you want to add masses of value to your property? Fitting a whole new kitchen will no doubt transform your home effectively, especially if your current kitchen is looking a little tired and worse for wear. A new kitchen doesn’t have to be a costly investment that requires a fortune to build, as there are many options and ideas that you can make the most of to update your kitchen without having to shell out masses of cash in the process. 

Replacing your kitchen cupboards is a great place to begin, as your cupboards contribute massively towards your kitchen’s overall design and aesthetic. If you want a more thorough revamp, then it’s an excellent idea to try and find an ex-display kitchen that you can fit to transform your home. Ex-display kitchens are generally in near perfect condition having never been used, yet they can be less than half the price of a box-fresh alternative. Always take the time to maximise storage space when you upgrade your kitchen, and don’t forget to take the time to source a good quality oven (along with other top devices) from a reliable brand. Your kitchen is the heart of your home, so having a beautiful kitchen environment can be a real selling point that makes your property more attractive than ever.

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